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Telindus Telecom Deploys ADVA Optical Networking’s Encryption Technology to Secure Operator Network and Cloud Services

by david.nunes

Telindus Telecom Deploys ADVA Optical Networking’s Encryption Technology to Secure Operator Network and Cloud Services

ADVA FSP 3000 Plays Pivotal Role in Safeguarding Enterprises Mission-Critical Data

Strassen, Luxembourg. November 25, 2014. ADVA Optical Networking announced today that Telindus Telecom, the first global alternative operator in Luxembourg, has deployed the ADVA FSP 3000 with advanced encryption technology to ensure the security of its operator network and cloud services. Telindus Telecom’s cloud infrastructure is focused on serving Luxembourg’s enterprise market – a market with some of the most rigorous security and confidentiality requirements in the world. As such, it’s imperative that it features the most robust protection possible. ADVA Optical Networking’s encryption technology will safeguard all data as it travels between Telindus Telecom’s multiple data center locations and ensure continuous access to mission-critical cloud-based business services.

“The security and availability of our customers’ data has always been of paramount importance to us, and has always been a top priority in our solution design,” said Jacques Ruckert, director products and solutions, Telindus Luxembourg. “With the rapid migration of our customers to cloud-based services, security and availability become even more critical. That is why we are working with the team at ADVA Optical Networking: their solutions are widely adopted for their encryption capabilities, especially within the enterprise community. Protecting our customers’ mission-critical data with ADVA Optical Networking’s technology provides peace of mind and the guarantees that their data is safe and secure in the cloud.”  

Ensuring the security of data in cloud infrastructures has been a focus of ADVA Optical Networking for many years. Its encryption technology is engineered to suit the needs of a broad range of enterprise demands. Its protocol agnostic design enables it to transport any traffic, including Fibre Channel, InfiniBand and Ethernet. It encrypts every bit of data that passes through a client port, not just the payload or select bytes, and does so at the lowest network layer. It also adds very little latency, something that cannot be said for higher-layer encryption methods. For Telindus Telecom and its customers, the ADVA FSP 3000 is not only a secure means of data transport, it’s also a competitive edge.

“Telindus Telecom has an enviable reputation when it comes to cloud-based services. It’s recognized as one of the top three European EuroCloud players for the quality of its services,” commented Yann Evain, sales director, ADVA Optical Networking. “This success is one of the key reasons that it continually needs to advance; to push the boundaries of its network and its customers’ expectations. That’s why our ADVA FSP 3000 with encryption technology is such a good match. It not only meets its network needs today, but also tomorrow, especially when it begins the migration to 100Gbit/s data rates and 16Gbit/s Fibre Channel. As a Select member of our Partner Ecosphere Program, we’ll continually assess Telindus Telecom’s network and find ways to boost its performance and the quality of its services. Our team is looking forward to helping Telindus Telecom with this journey.”       

Watch ADVA Optical Networking’s latest encryption video for more information: http://adva.li/secure.

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About Telindus Luxembourg
Telindus Luxembourg is the Belgacom Group’s ICT branch and, through Telindus Telecom, the Group’s enterprise operator in Luxembourg. It provides solutions to a variety of private and public-sector companies. Its areas of expertise include enterprise networks and connectivity (national and international), datacenters, systems, storage, security, collaboration, applications and mobility. For more information: www.telindus.lu.

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