TelServ becomes an operator in Switzerland

Dutch telecommunications company TelServ has acquired operator status in Switzerland. This is a rare event in the telecom business. According to management, this proves TelServ’s strong position in the market. The acquisition of the Swiss interconnection with a “full operator license” means a strategic expansion of services. In the near future, the telecommunications company will focus on obtaining operator status in more countries.

With the acquisition of this interconnection, TelServ is now able to directly supply and sell shared cost numbers, DID numbers, toll free numbers, and premium rate numbers in Switzerland. “This has major advantages,” according to Vincent Peek, CEO of TelServ. “For Swiss numbers, there is no intermediary anymore. Our customers buy directly from the source. This way we can offer the best conditions to our global customers. This means better payouts, direct pairing of the numbers, and direct billing.”

“We are very proud that we can now offer this service to our customers,” adds Marco Dunhof, CCO and co-owner of TelServ. “This is a big investment for us. We see it as an important step for our future.” According to Dunhof, the focus this year was already on contracting operators and resellers worldwide. “We travel with our own business stand to 14 international telecom events to meet new customers. Having this type of service in our portfolio offers many additional prospects to our clients. We will be looking for opportunities to take over other operators this year.”

TelServ is one of the biggest suppliers of telecommunications services such as DIDs, premium rate numbers, shared cost numbers, and toll free numbers (800 numbers) in more than 140 countries. TelServ was nominated last year for a High Growth Award and a Global Carrier Award because of extensive growth and smart campaigns.


Background information on TelServ
Founder Vincent Peek and co-owner Marco Dunhof are the backbone of TelServ. Both men have decades of experience in the telecommunications industry. When they bumped into each other in April of 2010, there was an instant connection. They shared a vision of the telecom market and how their market approach should be. Their business ideas connected seamlessly. A new partnership was born!


Worldwide network
The number of countries in which TelServ operates has greatly expanded since 2010, mostly due to the global network of local operators and incumbents that Marco and Vincent have carefully built in recent years.
It soon became clear that TelServ’s expertise is all about premium rate numbers. Therefore, it was decided to discontinue the other services TelServ had provided in the past. Currently, TelServ supplies the following voice numbers in more than 140 countries: premium rate numbers, VoIP numbers, shared cost numbers, video call numbers, toll free numbers, service numbers, geographic numbers (DIDs), and personal numbers. To achieve success with these services, TelServ has focused on making interconnections with operators around the world.

Complete service
With our own Telco Switches, IVR, and infrastructure, along with several billing systems, TelServ provides a complete service. These advanced systems monitor all traffic from the various operators so that all customers enjoy optimum payouts.
Since fast delivery is very important, offers are always issued within 24 hours. And, because TelServ deals with the legislation governing global voice solutions every day, we have extensive knowledge regarding the global telecommunications industry. Customers can enjoy free use of this knowledge, so that they can act quickly in this fast and demanding telecom market.


TelServ is committed to delivering the highest possible level of service. To achieve this, TelServ has increased manpower, office space, and switch capacity several times over the years.