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Telsis Signs Multimedia Platform Deal with TalkTalk Business

by david.nunes

Telsis Signs Multimedia Platform Deal with TalkTalk Business

Telco Aims to Grow Direct and White Label Services With Deployment

TalkTalk Business has become the first UK operator to deploy a revolutionary multimedia platform from Telsis. The telco, which operates Britain’s largest Next Generation Network, is aiming to use the Ocean Services Platform to grow still further the portfolio of branded and white label value-added services it currently sells direct and to partner companies across the UK.

While alternative platforms force telcos to use their vendors’ service development teams, the Telsis solution is user programmable and able to control multiple simultaneous services in both legacy and NGN domains. TalkTalk’s product development team will be able to devise, trial and roll out new multi-media services at low cost.

David Chatterton, head of inbound service creation for TalkTalk Business said: “The Java programmability will enable us to expand our product set and address new market sectors without the inertia and cost of third parties. We will effectively be offering our services as a white label resource for our trusted customers to use as they wish. The Telsis open architecture enables the platform to talk to and control a wide range of other vendors’ resources so we are looking at an extremely broad and flexible capability.”

TalkTalk Business has deployed previous generations of Telsis services platforms since 2002, taking full advantage of the vendor’s unusually open service creation environment to develop services that offer distinctive and sometime unique functionality. Examples are Hosted Contact Centre and Intelligent Call Control products, both of which feature multiple tiers of control. TalkTalk Business customers that require a basic no-frills product get pre-configured services while those wanting more hands-on control use the Web to access an interface that at the top level enables complete self-configuration of the services.

The Ocean Services Platform runs on standards COTS servers, is user-programmable, built from the ground up to support the fast development of new multi-media services by operators’ own in-house teams. It achieves the same carrier-grade, greater than 99.999% availability of alternative core network services platforms, but it includes its own Java-based programming environment that allows new services to be designed, built, tested and deployed very quickly. Operators can use their own programmers, or contract the work to the independent Java coding house of their choice, to create services according to their own market needs and timetable.

To facilitate even faster return on investment, and lower costs, the Ocean Services Platform includes a suite of generic services that can be quickly customised by deploying operators. And unlike many alternative solutions, the Ocean Services Platform runs multiple services concurrently, rather than being limited to the provision of a single service.

The Telsis mission is to enrich people’s lives through innovations in communications technology and services. Over 25 years, Telsis has provided tier-1 network operators with flexible infrastructure and compelling services in voice, text and video. From TDM, through IP-based networks to IMS and LTE, Telsis provides evolutionary solutions to match customers’ network developments and enable the provision of advanced services today.

Telsis’ portfolio of services is backed by proven engineering skills, system integration expertise, and a deep understanding of human factors, all of which combine in solutions that enable operators to offer their customers exciting and practical services with compelling real-world appeal.

About TalkTalk Business

• TalkTalk Business provides communications solutions to UK organisations, serving the needs of over 180,000 business and public sector customers and working with over 350 wholesale partners nationwide.

• TalkTalk Business uses the Group’s Next Generation Network to power its business-grade SIP and next generation voice products at landmark prices, reducing cost and management time for all businesses.

• TalkTalk Business offers customers a complete range of technologies to suit every need and every level of investment covering  IT Networking and Security, Business Broadband and Internet Connectivity, Hosted services, Telephone systems, Call plans and Phone lines, Call Handling and Mobile.

With the broadest network and largest portfolio of business- grade products and services, TalkTalk Business helps British businesses take advantage of unified communications solutions to gain competitive advantage whatever their size and wherever they’re located.

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