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Telsis unveils new release of voice applications server

by david.nunes

Telsis Updates Its Programmable IN Application Server

Solution gives migrating networks maximum flexibility, lowest operating costs

Operators looking to sweat more value from their legacy TDM assets while simultaneously rolling out NGN infrastructure now have a remarkably flexible and cost-effective new way of delivering differentiating voice services.

Telsis’ Ocean 2280 IN Application Server has been re-engineered to run on commercial off-the-shelf servers, delivering more than double the performance, but with lower deployment and operational costs.

The new 2280 retains Map Studio, Telsis’ unique Windows-based service creation environment that enables operators to quickly configure and deploy fully bespoke services for customers. It also comes with a range of pre-configured services including number translation and least-cost routing.

Telsis SIP and INAP over SIGTRAN interfaces enable the 2280 to cost-effectively deliver voice services simultaneously to both legacy and NGN-connected customers by controlling a wide range of third-party switches, media resources and other network entities.

The 2280 runs on dual servers for added resilience, either co-located or at different sites for even greater security. The interface software now runs on the same server platforms as the application server, creating a compact and easily managed solution.

Telsis head of product management Graham Moore says the Ocean 2280 is the right product at the right time. “We’re seeing many operators re-focus as the economic climate toughen, slowing their NGN roll-outs and looking to extend the life of their legacy infrastructure. The 2280 with its INAP and SIP interfaces lets them offer the same bespoke and standardised voice services to all customers, and to do it in a way that controls costs and gives them maximum flexibility when economic conditions improve.”

The Ocean 2280 is already in service with several operators including Everything Everywhere, EWE TEL and VSE NET.

Telsis has delivered service innovations to the telecoms industry for almost a quarter of a century. The company’s solutions enable operators to generate more revenue, strengthen their brands, recruit and retain more customers, drive up Net Promoter scores and increase profitability.

Telsis’ portfolio of services is backed by proven engineering skills, system integration expertise, and a deep understanding of human factors, all of which combine in solutions that enable operators to offer customers exciting and practical services with compelling real-world appeal. www.telsis.com





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