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Telsis unveils SafeGuard – solution enables A2P messaging to grow

by david.nunes

Telsis Unveils SMS SafeGuard

– First triple-lock A2P SMS solution to protect networks, organisations, and phone users

Telsis, the innovator in smart messaging services and infrastructure, today unveils SMS SafeGuard, a triple-lock security solution that creates a uniquely safe environment in which A2P traffic can grow. Telsis SMS SafeGuard protects mobile network operators, organisations using text as a customer channel – and mobile phone users too.

Analysts predict that within the next three years A2P messaging volumes are set to eclipse those of P2P messaging, generating strong new income for mobile network operators. Already, A2P messaging is being used by private and public sector organisations for a wide range of purposes from e-ticketing and product authentication to vending and parking.

At the transport level, SMS Safeguard blocks bogus messages such as spoof and fake attacks, and ‘grey’ message. The network operator can be sure that network resources are only carrying legitimate traffic, and that all due revenues can be collected.

At the content level, SMS Safeguard protects phone users from spam, phishing and malware. Subscribers can trust the authenticity of A2P messaging that they receive. Increased levels of confidence will stimulate enterprises to grow their use of A2P messaging as a communication and transactional channel.

“The predicted growth will only happen if phone users and enterprises can trust the channel,” says Telsis product director Nigel Shaw. “Operators that fail to take active steps to properly secure their networks will miss out in three ways. They will lose profitability through fraud, lose the trust and business of organisations that want to use A2P messaging, and they will lose subscribers who will move to networks that offer better protection from spam messaging.”

Telsis SafeGuard’s three-point protection sits alongside existing SMS network infrastructure, leaving existing billing and CRM systems untouched and ensuring rapid service deployment and providing rapid network protection.

The Telsis mission is to enrich people’s lives through innovations in communications technology and services. For 25 years, Telsis has provided tier-1 network operators with flexible infrastructure and compelling services in voice, text and video. From TDM, through IP-based networks to IMS and LTE, Telsis provides evolutionary solutions to match customers’ network developments and enable the provision of advanced services today.

Telsis’ portfolio of services is backed by proven engineering skills, system integration expertise, and a deep understanding of human factors, all of which combine in solutions that enable operators to offer their customers exciting and practical services with compelling real-world appeal.


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