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Telsis Unveils SMS SafeGuard

by david.nunes

Telsis Unveils SMS SafeGuard

Protecting networks and their users from fraudulent and malicious messages.


Telsis, the innovator in SMS network infrastructure and services, today unveils SMS SafeGuard, a unique three layered firewall that protects mobile network operators and their customers from fraudulent, malevolent and malicious messaging activities, including spam, phishing, denial of service, malware and bullying.


At the transport level, SMS SafeGuard blocks fraudulent messages that sap network resources and undermine profitability, such as spoof and fake attacks.  It also protects against messages containing malware designed to exploit vulnerabilities in various handsets.


At the content level, SMS SafeGuard enables operators to strengthen their brands by protecting customers from unwanted content such as spam, phishing and inappropriate content.


At the personal level, SMS SafeGuard gives phone users a set of personalisation controls including blacklists and acceptable time windows for receipt of messages.


SMS SafeGuard is a network-based solution and therefore protects all phone users, no matter what type or age of handset they have. It is a low-risk drop-in package able to co-exist with any type and make of messaging network.


Uniquely, the Telsis SMS SafeGuard platform also supports a range of SMS Smart Services that enhance the social and working lives of phone users, allowing operators to quickly roll-out differentiating services that attract customers and offer new revenue opportunities.


Jeff Wilson, founder and CEO of Telsis says: “The success and popularity of SMS has unfortunately drawn the attention of fraudsters and spammers. Operators need to deal with these threats to ensure that their customers continue to have confidence both in the SMS channel and in their ability to safely use their phones for mobile money and other transactional applications. SMS SafeGuard allows operators to protect their networks, their revenues, their brands and their customers, and thereby provide a safe environment for the continued use and growth of mobile transactions.”

Telsis has delivered service innovations to Tier 1 telecoms networks globally for almost a quarter of a century. The company’s solutions enable operators to generate more revenue, strengthen their brands, reduce opex, simplify processes, recruit and retain more customers, drive up Net Promoter Scores and increase profitability.

Telsis’ portfolio of services is backed by proven engineering skills, system integration expertise, and a deep understanding of human factors, all of which combine in solutions that enable operators to offer customers exciting and practical services with compelling real-world appeal.




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