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Telstra expands its low latency connectivity portfolio into key financial markets

by david.nunes

Telstra expands its low latency connectivity portfolio into key financial markets

Establishes new Chicago and London PoPs for EPL Express customers

01 November 2012: Telstra Global, a leading global supplier of managed network and hosting services, today announced additions to its global low latency network, with the opening of two new points of presence (PoPs) located in Chicago and London, enabling low latency connectivity from the US and UK to Asia and Australia.

The new PoPs will be used to enhance support for Telstra’s EPL Express customers throughout the world with fast and reliable routes. They will be particularly relevant for businesses operating in highly competitive environments from the key hubs of Chicago and London, such as financial trading, that rely on low latency connectivity and high service levels to remain globally competitive. They will also enable customers to mitigate risks and scale quickly to meet changing business and bandwidth demands, whilst taking advantage of growth opportunities in the Asia Pacific region.

By leveraging Telstra’s fully-owned subsea cable route, Telstra Endeavour, the Chicago PoP provides Telstra Global’s customers with fast connectivity between the key financial centres of Chicago and Sydney as a fully on-net, end-to-end managed service. Additional routes provide the speed and reliability required between Chicago and major Asian hubs, including Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore.

In addition, the new London hub will provide Telstra Global’s EPL Express customers with low latency routes from London into Asia Pacific. This will be Telstra’s second PoP in London and is located in the centre of the financial district interconnecting it to centres in Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Sydney and Seoul.

Telstra Global’s Director of Portfolio and Marketing, Mr Nathan Bell, said the new PoPs further support Telstra Global’s commitment to offering its customers high performance connectivity between the world’s key financial centres and the speed advantage necessary to maintain a competitive edge.

With global financial trading strategies evolving at pace, financial institutions are increasingly facing diverse challenges relating to speed, resilience and integrity of data,” said Mr Bell.

“Our expansion, combined with Telstra’s award-winning network, means we are well positioned to provide a consistent service experience and a one-stop-shop for our customers’ low latency global connectivity needs between developed and emerging markets. As we own most of our international cables that connect diverse geographies, our customers can expect a high quality of service for their business-critical applications – at justifiable costs,” he concluded.

EPL Express is ideally placed for handling global low latency service requirements in general, such as gaming, m-commerce and finance related industries, and for low latency trading in particular. Backed by site-to-site low latency and stringent SLAs for business critical traffic, it offers management capabilities to reduce the risks associated with businesses operating globally and in diverse geographies. The service also offers customers single point accountability and responsibility, as well as access to diagnostics capabilities.


About Telstra Global


Telstra Global is a leading global supplier of managed network services and international data, voice and satellite services. It is a division of Telstra Corporation Limited and owns one of the most technologically advanced IP backbone networks in the world.

Telstra Global provides innovative and flexible global communications services and solutions for organisations looking to maximise the benefits of globalisation, particularly across growth regions such as Asia, whilst driving sustainability and enhancing business agility.

Together with its offshore subsidiaries and international investments, Telstra Global serves over 200 of the world’s top 500 companies, spanning Asia Pacific, EMEA and the Americas. It operates award-winning networks which are amongst the largest and most diverse in Asia Pacific and facilitates access to over 1,400 PoPs in 230 countries and territories across the globe.

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