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Telstra launches $800 million cloud infrastructure platform

by david.nunes

Telstra Global launches global Cloud Infrastructure platform

Meeting growing customer demands for globally consistent, connected cloud hosting solutions

26 June, 2013 –Telstra Global today announced it would offer cloud infrastructure services from data centres in Hong Kong, Singapore and the United Kingdom, expanding and complementing services already available in Telstra’s Australian data centres.

Telstra Global President and Managing Director, Martijn Blanken said Telstra Global’s extended capabilities would provide a globally connected Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution for multi-national customers, enabling them to consistently deploy applications, deliver business processes and deploy offshore disaster recovery solutions across multiple geographic locations, all controlled via a unified service management console.

Mr Blanken said today’s announcement formed part of an AU $800 million investment in cloud computing services announced by Telstra in 2011, demonstrating its commitment to support the growth of global enterprises in Asia Pacific and beyond.

“The extension of Telstra’s Cloud Infrastructure offering represents an on-going commitment to innovation and has been designed to provide customers with an exceptional experience by combining the flexibility of cloud computing along with the resilience of a world-class global network,” Mr Blanken said.

”Our rich history and deep knowledge of operating in Asia Pacific means that we are well-placed to serve the needs of western, Asian and Australian businesses in the region. The Telstra Cloud Infrastructure offering, hosted in Telstra’s data centres and delivered over Telstra’s leading global IP backbone network, takes this further by helping customers to reduce costs, enable innovation and streamline the way they manage their ICT”.

Telstra’s Cloud Services will provide:

· Virtual Servers – built on a technology stack from leading global vendors with carrier-grade infrastructure, multiple operating systems, network options and security add-ons with visibility and control via a management console;

· Dedicated Servers – physical servers dedicated to an organisation but managed by Telstra, allowing for greater flexibility on server configuration;

· Storage and Backup – which allow customers to store data off-site, replicate storage locations and help ensure compliance with industry regulations;

· Security Services – including firewalls, internet protection, vulnerability discovery and SSL VPN to help protect against potential threats; and,

· Management Console – providing visibility and control of ICT infrastructure with real-time reporting.

Mr Blanken said customers would also be able to take a hybrid approach when managing their hosting environments by using a combination of virtual servers, dedicated servers and co-location offered within Telstra’s cloud-enabled data centres in Australia and across the globe.

“Our service is designed with customer experience at its core and provides optional disaster recovery and off-site back-up capabilities to combat security concerns, and a single service-level agreement across hosting infrastructure and network connectivity to help ensure optimal performance of customer applications within the data centre and assist in securing transmission of data across the wide-area network (WAN),” Mr Blanken said.

“Customers will benefit from the in-depth knowledge offered by Telstra’s global cloud practice which gives direct access to cloud specialists, consulting services and 24/7 operations support across Australia, Asia and Europe to ensure services are delivered effectively on a local level.”

About Telstra Global

Telstra Global is a leading global supplier of managed network services and international data, voice and satellite services. It is a division of Telstra Corporation Limited and owns one of the most technologically advanced IP backbone networks in the world.

Telstra Global provides innovative and flexible global communications services and solutions for organisations looking to maximise the benefits of globalisation, particularly across growth regions such as Asia, whilst driving sustainability and enhancing business agility.

Together with its offshore subsidiaries and international investments, Telstra Global serves companies spanning Asia Pacific, EMEA and the Americas. It operates award-winning networks which are amongst the largest and most diverse in Asia Pacific. It has licences in Asia, Europe and the US and facilitates access to over 1,400 PoPs in 230 countries and territories across the globe.

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