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Telstra’s new trading solution powers global financial community

by david.nunes

Telstra’s new trading solution powers global financial community

MONDAY 12 January 2015, United Kingdom: To facilitate higher performance electronic trading around the world, Telstra today launched its Global Financial Trading Solutions, a reliable low latency trading network and expert managed services including server infrastructure in financial hubs, managed cloud and global unified communications.

Matthew Lempriere, Head of Financial Services Market Segment, Global Enterprise & Services, said the new service provided UK businesses with a scalable, flexible and on demand ICT solution, helping them react to market events faster than ever.  

“UK financial services organisations face many challenges in today’s highly competitive capital market place. The need to comply with increasing global and domestic regulatory requirements, along with reduced volatility and margins, means financial institutions are turning their attention to new and innovative ways to reduce costs and gain access to new pools of liquidity and trading partners.

“Backed by faster response times and higher scalability, Telstra’s Global Financial Trading Solutions facilitates increased efficiencies, helping customers mitigate risk and address compliance concerns, while focusing on what’s most important to them – driving revenue and sustainable business growth,” Matthew said.

In addition to low latency connectivity between major financial capitals including London, Chicago, New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore and Sydney, Telstra’s Global Financial Trading Solutions include:

  • Managed Hosting for Trading: a managed hosting service providing server infrastructure located at high density data centres or at stock exchanges in global financial hubs.
  • Managed Electronic Trading Platform: a complete managed electronic trading technology infrastructure, providing broker and venue connectivity, ultra-low latency market data, high throughput market connectivity and application hosting as a single bundled service.
  • Managed Cloud for Financial Application: a fully managed enterprise-grade application services environment designed specifically with front, middle and back office financial applications in mind.
  • Managed Unified Trader Voice: a global unified communications and telephony platform that combines VoIP for trader voice, voice recording and collaboration technologies.

“By co-locating core trading infrastructure inside the exchange or at high-density data centres connected via low latency networks, Telstra’s Global Financial Trading Solution helps reduce IT complexity and the time it takes to complete each trade. With lower trading times and faster access to market data, our UK customers are in a better position to capitalise on arbitrage opportunities and increase their profitability at the same time,” Mr Lempriere concluded.

About Telstra
Telstra is the leading telecommunications and information services company in Australia. We provide end-to-end solutions including managed network services, global connectivity, cloud, voice, colocation, conferencing and satellite solutions. We have licenses in Asia, Europe and the US and offer access to over 2,000 PoPs in 230 countries and territories across the globe. Our extended reach means that we can offer customers smarter technology solutions to support sustainable business growth

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