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Telstra & Tapit make it easier to recharge Pre-Paid & get content

by david.nunes

Telstra & Tapit make it easier to recharge Pre-Paid & get content

Sydney – September 25, 2012 – Australia’s largest brand and carrier, Telstra, launched a number of retail and outdoor innovations today, using the latest mobile technology from award winning Near Field Communications (NFC) innovator, Tapit.

Telstra customers can now tap their phone on the Tapit symbol when they’re out and about to instantly recharge their Pre-Paid, get the Foxtel app and a free trial or get a free trial of the new MOG streaming music service. Even non-Telstra customers can tap and get a free trial of MOG.

With one simple tap, customers are instantly taken to the relevant page on their mobile screen. It’s automation at its best. People no longer need to browse, search, or navigate their way through the web on their mobile to get these Telstra offers and services.

Jamie Conyngham CEO of Tapit said “Telstra is innovative, they are the first major brand in Australia to launch such a comprehensive NFC initiative in retail and outdoor simultaneously. It’s all about making it easier for people to get the content or service they want instantly on their mobile phone. Reducing the amount of clicks or keystrokes simplifies the process and has a positive impact on sales and customer loyalty.”

Initially the NFC-enabled Telstra retailers include the two Sydney & Melbourne ?agship stores as well as Macquarie Centre (SYD), Chatswood (SYD), Chadstone (MEL) and Doncaster (MEL). Staff at these Telstra stores have Tapit enabled Lanyards and there are various Tapit enabled Point of Sale materials throughout the stores. Tapit window decals also appear in selected stores. People can see for themselves, many for the first time, how easy and magical NFC is.

In October, Warringah Mall & Macquarie shopping centres will see additional Telstra / Tapit activity, with food court tables and various window decals being NFC enabled by Tapit. These are all firsts for Australia.

Telstra, Tapit and JCDecaux have also enabled around 20 phone box advertisements across Sydney and Melbourne, so Pre-Paid customers can easily recharge with one tap on the Tapit symbol. As part of the same project, in July, Telstra, Tapit & JCDecaux ran Australia’s largest NFC outdoor campaign with the streaming music service MOG. The campaign was a great success and conclusively showed that people want to use NFC.

Andrew Davis, Head of Operations at Tapit said “By using Tapit technology, Telstra makes it easier for consumers to interact with and use Telstra services on their mobile. Telstra also gains invaluable data and learnings about consumer behavior, for example the take-up rate of NFC versus QR and which physical assets and media spend get the most mobile interactions. Our last few campaigns show that people go for the simple option, NFC, every time when given the choice. NFC now represents over 25% of all physical mobile interactions”.

Jamie Conyngham added ‘It’s an exciting time. We’re only just scratching the surface of what rewards NFC will deliver brands and consumers’.

About Tapit Media Pty Ltd

Tapit is a global Near Field Communications company who exist to simplify the way people access information on their phones. Tapit collaborates with companies across a broad range of sectors including government, retail, telecommunications & media helping them turn their static physical objects & environments, such as product packaging, museums, billboards & stores, into an eco-system of interactive Tapit powered gateways that effortlessly connect people to rich digital information all via a simple “tap” of their phone. Founded in March, 2011 Tapit is widely referred to as a global leader in using Near Field Communications to create magical, effortless and fun ways for people the world over to access digital information. It recently won the prestigious Best Mobile Service award from AIMIA. Tapit is headquartered in Sydney and is rapidly expanding into other regions including UK and Singapore.

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