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TEOCO’s Secure Access to be installed at major Tier 1 carrier

by david.nunes

TEOCO’s Secure Access to be installed at major Tier 1 carrier

Carrier Security Software supports up to 400,000 network elements and 45,000 users

FAIRFAX, VA, USA AND LEATHERHEAD,UK February 21, 2014 – TEOCO, the leading provider of assurance, analytics and optimization solutions to communications service providers (CSPs), has today announced it has signed an agreement to install Secure Access at a major North American Tier 1 carrier.  

Secure Access is TEOCO’s powerful carrier security solution verifying that only authorized users can access network resources.  As its name implies, Secure Access operates as a critical secure centralized gateway between technical administrators and the carrier’s network elements.

Prior to the introduction of Secure Access, carriers had to maintain a number of different proprietary gateways in order to manage security on their networks.  Not only was this extraordinarily cumbersome, but large numbers of network elements and users could not easily be supported.

“As carrier networks expand, the number of network elements grows exponentially, making it increasingly challenging, time-consuming and expensive to manage user access permissions,” says Jonjie Sena, VP Market Strategy at TEOCO.  “Unfortunately, recent headlines attest to the need to secure today’s massive, sophisticated environments and associated access rights, to protect from revenue loss and reduce operational expenses associated with improper access.”

TEOCO is the leading provider of Assurance, Analytics and Optimization solutions to Communication Service Providers worldwide.  TEOCO’s product portfolio includes Customer Analytics, Margin Assurance, Service Assurance and Network Optimization solutions.

Since 1995, TEOCO has helped over 140 of the largest CSPs around the world to manage and evolve their businesses efficiently and profitably, while enhancing the customer experience. TEOCO is widely recognized for its commitment to principled entrepreneurship, business ethics and employee ownership with a particular emphasis on its core values of alignment with employees, clients and community.
For more information, visit www.teoco.com.


AIRCOM is the leading independent provider of network planning, optimization and management software for mobile networks. AIRCOM’s products, all of which are LTE capable, enable operators to regain visibility and control of their network, which in turn drives efficiency and profitability.

The market leader in the provision and deployment of network engineering solutions, AIRCOM products are used in over 100 countries by over half the world’s mobile operators.  Every day, the 20 top global operators depend on AIRCOM’s solutions to improve network coverage and quality for more than 2 billion subscribers worldwide.  Established in 1995, AIRCOM has built its reputation on creating and releasing additional value from within mobile networks.
For more information, visit www.aircominternational.com

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