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Terminus Brings Perimeter Protection to Market

by david.nunes


Christiansburg, VA . . . September, 2012

Protecting life and property is priority one, and the Fence Intrusion Detection System (F.I.D.S.) from Terminus helps security dealers and integrators meet that need perfectly.

Terminus (formerly known as Litton), brings to market its impressive Fence Intrusion Detection System. It uses shock sensors to detect the vibrations, or shock waves, caused by intrusion attempts. These can include someone cutting the fabric, climbing the fence and/or lifting the fence material. These shock waves are detected by the Terminus sensors, which send a signal to a Terminus electronic processor to analyze and then report its status to the main alarm control panel. This immediate response lets the owner and law enforcement know about an intrusion while it is taking place.

The Fence Intrusion Detection System prevents intruders from entering undetected and spares end users from the loss of valuable merchandise and equipment. The cost effective, reliable perimeter protection system from Terminus is UL-Listed and protected by a 10 year limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

The Terminus Pass-Thru Fence Kit easily integrates into any perimeter fence. It includes a shock sensor with dual, gold-plated contacts hermetically sealed to ASTM standards in a Pass-Thru condulet housing, which allows conduit to be mounted to the fence with minimal bending and few connectors. T-Fittings are eliminated, saving on material cost and labor. Dual contacts mean fewer false alarms because both contacts must be activated simultaneously to cause an alarm. The weather-resistant housing helps eliminate moisture and airborne contaminants that can cause open or short conditions in other shock sensors. It’s available with 1/2″ or 3/4″ threads, comes with a fence post mounting clamp, and conforms to NEMA standards 8-10. The kit also comes complete with a molded insert for the sensor, and a metal clamp.

Terminus shock sensors have earned their reputation for reliability and are used effectively on thousands of miles of outdoor chain link fence. Engineered to withstand severe outdoor environments, the fence kits reliably detect intrusions even when temperatures drop as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit, or rise as high as 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

Installers can program the system to respond only to the condition(s) the system user deems to be an actual alarm that requires action. Pedestrian traffic, vehicular movement or other ambient conditions are factors that can be taken into account when programming the processor, virtually eliminating nuisance alarms. The processor also allows the system user to pinpoint the area of alarm – a requirement for larger fences.

For more information about the complete line of Terminus perimeter detection systems, call 1-866-680-TERM (8376) or visit www.terminusproducts.com.


Terminus Shock Detection products reliably safeguard people, property and businesses from intruders in the harshest of environments. Chosen to defend high security locations around the globe, Terminus Shock Detection Systems provide unsurpassed perimeter protection, allowing the sensors to alert customers to entry attempts while the activity is taking place. This early detection gives users the safely and peace of mind to detect perimeter (fence, window and door) intrusion before it happens.Terminus provides the highest level of intrusion detection for a variety of applications, including correctional facilities, nuclear, mass transit and airports. http://www.terminusproducts.com/

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