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Testing Technologies Now Ranks Among Cisco, NSN and Ericsson et al. as Member and Supporter of SINTESIO

by david.nunes

Testing Technologies Now Ranks Among Cisco, NSN and Ericsson et al. as Member and Supporter of SINTESIO


Berlin, Germany – April 05, 2011 – SINTESIO, an open, non-profit NGN test laboratory, has recently accepted Testing Technologies as a member. SINTESIO has been endorsed by ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) and was co-founded by industry partners, standardization institutions, and university. The aim of the test laboratory is to prepare, organize and execute conformance, interworking and interoperability testing based on the set of NGN standards.

Testing Technologies’ expertise in automated testing will help to increase the efficiency of interoperability testing performed in the lab. It leads away from manual testing which suffers from well known problems and guides to automated testing bringing considerable advantages. Testing Technologies’ products and services are based on TTCN-3, a textual and graphical test scripting and implementation language as well as a test implementation framework. Among many other unique features TTCN-3 enables to automate the validation part at interoperability testing. Test automation tools like Testing Technologies’ TTworkbench reduce the costs of interoperability testing up to 50 percent by using a standardized test framework.

As the only company attending all TTCN-3 User Conferences (T3UC) so far, Testing Technologies continues to support this year’s conference as Platinum Sponsor. This special event, celebrating 10 years TTCN-3, is hosted by SINTESIO and takes place in Bled, Slovenia from June 7 to 9. Three days are packed with valuable tutorials for beginners and advanced TTCN-3 users, as well as presentations from members of the TTCN-3 user community.

Please join this special T3UC and make sure not to miss Theofanis Vassiliou-Gioles’ tutorial “Introduction to TTCN-3” on June 7 from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm. Get more details on conference, attendees and program at www.ttcn3uc.eu.

To read more about SINTESIO please visit www.sintesio.org.



About TTCN-3


TTCN-3 is an internationally standardized test language with a powerful textual syntax supporting all kinds of black-box testing.
It was developed at the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) and has established itself as a global, universal testing language.


TTCN-3 is celebrating its 10th anniversary and has grown into a 10 part standard with four extension packages to date. Application of TTCN-3 has been widened beyond telecommunication systems to areas such as the automotive industry, internet protocols, railway signaling, medical systems, and avionics.


There has been witnessed a rapid uptake of the language in Asia – especially in India and China – where already more than 40% of all testing services worldwide are provided today. TTCN-3 has further strengthened its position in standardization and is used increasingly for certification and acceptance testing.


For more information please visit  




About Testing Technologies


Testing Technologies designs and markets a variety of ready-to-run test solutions for commercial, proprietary, and PC based test systems, helping you to create high-quality products through high-quality testing. Our solutions enable test automation across technologies, development phases and any types of testing. With a wide range of services, Testing Technologies’ experts support you in all phases of your test life-cycle.


As a market leader in customer-oriented testing for standards-based technologies, we are dedicated to TTCN-3 alone. Together with ETSI, Testing Technologies guarantees durability and continuous improvement of standardized test solutions to secure your investments. Numerous partner companies across Europe, the USA and Asia spread the ideas and basic principles of systematic, automated testing worldwide.


Testing Technologies was founded as a spin-off of Fraunhofer Institute FOKUS in 2000. Our team of experts is continuously developing new products to meet the expectations of evolving markets.


For more information please visit www.testingtech.com

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