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Text Messaging Improves Business Performance, say Recruiters

by david.nunes

Text Messaging Improves Business Performance, say Recruiters

Nearly 90% of recruiters across the world reveal that text messaging helps their business by enhancing the speed of communication, according to Dialogue Communications, a leading specialist in global mobile messaging solutions.

In a customer survey conducted at the end of 2012, based on SMS for Bullhorn, Dialogue Communications found that recruiters were using the application as an essential part of daily activities. Using the two-way SMS functionality, three quarters of recruiters found that candidate response rates were improved and time was saved through the automatic storing of outgoing and incoming messages.

Over 78% of respondents said that it is important for their company to use text messaging for scheduling interviews between candidates and clients, over 76% said they found it important for confirming the interview and 80% then said it was useful to then follow up with candidates.

Hugh Spear, CEO at Dialogue Communications says: “The results show that SMS remains a key tool for recruiters to maintain instant communication with candidates. In fact over 87% of respondents said that our SMS application has helped their business enhance the speed of communication.

With 90% of all text messages read within three minutes, and the fact that 98% of messages that are received are opened[1], text messaging is an incredibly reliable and powerful communications tool. By using SMS for Bullhorn, recruitment agencies can save time on communication, secure quicker vacancy placements and improve overall performance.”

Dialogue SMS for Bullhorn is a text messaging recruiting application which allows recruiters to communicate with their candidates and clients quickly. By integrating SMS with Bullhorn front office recruiting software, it enhances the speed of communication and helps increase candidate response rates, as it gives candidates faster access to new employment opportunities. With over 17 years of industry knowledge and experience, Dialogue uses a range of SMS APIs to enable developers to build in their own SMS integrations as well as offering its own specialised technology to help customers benefit from using SMS messaging. Dialogue also works with market leaders across the world to integrate effective two-way SMS services with other software applications.

For more information please visit www.dialogue.net/sms-for-bullhorn/. Alternatively you can keep up with industry updates by following @dialogue_tweets @SMSRecruitment on Twitter.

[1] Source: Frost & Sullivan, 2010

About Dialogue Communications

Dialogue Communications was established in 1994 and specialises in delivering mobile messaging and mobile billing solutions to businesses around the globe. Taking the experience and know-how Dialogue uses its own industry technology whether its API tools or online mobile applications to deliver efficient, reliable and secure services for its customers and to help them benefit from using SMS. Dialogue also works with market leaders to integrate effective two-way SMS with SaaS applications.

With its ISO 9001 (Quality Management) accreditation since 2000 and ISO 27001 standard for information security, Dialogue is proud and committed to the comprehensive quality of service it provides – including software usability, message gateway performance and customer care. Headquartered in Sheffield, UK, Dialogue also has international offices in London, Sydney, Cape Town, Singapore and San Francisco.

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