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Thailand’s True Collaborates with Huawei to Setup the World’s First Atom GPS Site to Address 4.5G Time Synchronization Challenges

by david.nunes

Thailand’s True Collaborates with Huawei to Setup the World’s First Atom GPS Site to Address 4.5G Time Synchronization Challenges


Shenzhen, China, October 25 – True, the top operator in Thailand, and Huawei recently announced the use of Atom GPS to deliver high-precision time synchronization for 4.5G networks. This innovative time synchronization solution addresses the challenges in traditional GPS deployment, greatly saving the total cost of ownership (TCO), achieving network-wide anywhere clock synchronization, and greatly improving users’ network experience.

True has over 20 million wireless subscribers and video services are now becoming a basic service for True. The companies’ ever-growing user base places higher pressure on network coverage and higher requirements for network bandwidth, creating huge challenges for True’s 4.5G network. To address the challenges, True uses the 4.5G inter-site Carrier Aggregation (CA) technique to enhance the cell edge coverage and traffic rate. This technology requires high-precision time synchronization. How to handle the time synchronization challenge has become a major concern for True as it attempts to improve its users’ video experience.

Conventionally, two solutions have been used for time synchronization. One is to deploy the GPS solution on each base station. This solution requires massive GPS deployment, with no obstruction to GPS antennas – this leads to difficultly in site selection. And the other way is to deploy the hop-by-hop 1588v2 solution on the IP RAN. This solution requires network-wide support for 1588v2 and hop-by-hop measurement of fiber asymmetry, leading to difficult deployment and high costs. Now, there is a new challenge for the mobile backhaul network based on how to provide more agile time synchronization for 4.5G networks.

True uses Huawei’s innovative Atom GPS time synchronization solution, with Atom GPS’ deployed at PRE-AGG nodes and 1588v2 configured for access routers on the IP RAN. The Atom GPS’ provides high-precision time synchronization for base stations on the live network. The Atom GPS time synchronization solution has great advantages over the traditional time synchronization solutions. Compared to GPS deployment on each base station, the Atom GPS solution greatly saves TCO and is not limited by site selection. Compared to hop-by-hop 1588v2, the Atom GPS solution can support 1588v2-incapable networks and is free of hop-by-hop measurement. Also, the Atom GPS solution can be co-managed with the IP RAN to achieve real-time management of the time synchronization quality.

Huawei intends to provide 4.5G networks with the best-experience mobile bearer solution, with the aim to boost business success for operators. In 2016, Huawei released the IP RAN 2.0 solution, with a focus on allowing users to enjoy mobile video experience anytime anywhere and providing agile O&M. Atom GPS, as a key innovative technology in the solution, provides 4.5G time synchronization that features low TCO and anywhere access for operators.

Huawei is dedicated to being the ICT infrastructure leader in the industry through open cooperation and continuous innovation, aiming to deliver greater benefits for customers, unlock more opportunities, and build a better connected world.

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