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The 1st and only playout server certified for DPP AS-11 files is Cinegy Air PRO

by david.nunes

The 1st and only playout server certified for DPP AS-11 files is Cinegy Air PRO

Cinegy is pleased to announce that it is now the first and only compliant software certified to officially broadcast AS-11 files matching the UK DPP Broadcaster Technical Delivery Specification.

An independent product assessment of the AS-11 DPP certification criteria determined two of Cinegy’s leading products Cinegy Air PRO (version 9.6.3) and Cinegy Player (version have been accepted through the DPP and AMWA testing process.

Lewis Kirkaldie, Head of Product Management at Cinegy, commented “The UK broadcast industry has really pulled together to get the DPP standard established, and have managed to do something the whole world is looking toward with great regard. We worked hard to make sure Cinegy supported this standard from the start, and it’s great to have these products proven ready for use in the very first wave.”

Cinegy Player, Cinegy’s broadcast video player, plays DPP files frame accurately with professional control features while also supporting the display of DPP UK descriptive metadata and allowing users to validate these files against the AMWA’s AS-11 MXF standard.

Cinegy Air PRO, Cinegy’s channel as a software solution provides a broadcast automation front-end and a real-time video server for SD, HD and 4K playout in an integrated software suite has now been fully certified AMWA and DPP for its broadcast playout abilities.

About Cinegy

Cinegy develops innovative video, broadcast and production software solutions, encompassing every aspect of a collaborative workflow including IP Tools, ingest, editing to playout, all connected to an active archive with full Digital Asset Management.

Based on standard IT hardware and non-proprietary storage technology, Cinegy products are reliable, affordable, scalable, easily deployable and intuitive.

Cinegy’s Application Areas include:

·          Media asset management & archive

·          Broadcast automation and multi-channel playout

·          IP video management and monitoring

·          Collaborative workgroup production for news, sports, reality and entertainment

·          Video encoding, transcoding and multi-channel ingest

·          Channel branding and template based CG

·          Scalable cloud and VM ready products for demanding enterprise solutions

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