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The Challenges of the “New” Wireless Network

by david.nunes
Jim EdsonIssue:Latin America III 2000
Article no.:8
Topic:The Challenges of the “New” Wireless Network
Author:Jim Edson
Organisation:Worldwide Sales
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The recent trend towards consolidation is narrowing the number of wireless operators around the world. This consolidation is creating cost efficiencies for large regional, national and global operators that increasingly compete on the basis of price. At the same time, government spectrum auctions will introduce new competitors over the next several years. The appetite for scarce spectrum has intensified as reflected by the enormous sums bid in the recent UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) auctions in Europe.

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Many wonder where the additional capital will come from to build-out these networks. Some UMTS operators may be forced to share network infrastructure to provide initial services. In the case of non-UMTS operators, some of these players may opt for data-only or fixed wireless networks. Conclusion The dynamics and competitive lands-cape of the wireless industry are placing significant challenges on wireless operators. Usage trends as well as new technologies and applications are forcing operators to seek out new alternatives to traditional wireless infrastructure. Using these new tools operators should be able to deliver on the promise of “anytime, anywhere” communications.

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