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The cloud over HR – Is it all about costs?

by david.nunes

London, 20 February, 2012 – Thought leaders from over 25 countries will be converging at HR4ICT’12 on 16 – 18 April in London, UK, to discover how leading telecom operators are using cloud solutions to streamline HR processes to save time and costs.  The event is a unique opportunity for HR executives from the ICT sector to understand the long-term impact of new technologies and applications on the industry and to highlight the need for talent-sourcing to fill the knowledge and skills gap. 

In less than 5 years, HR4ICT has become the most established HR event for the ICT sector, bringing together government and industry to find solutions to the major issues faced by HR professionals in this fast-changing industry.

Focusing on “e-HR”, HR4ICT12 will provide you with the latest models and proven solutions from industry, many of which can be implemented with ease for your own organisation. Some of the thought-provoking discussions and debate this year will centre on questions like:


·         What is the effect of data protection on future HR legislation?

·         How does current HR legislation impact on emerging markets?

·         Where do organisations source talent to fill the knowledge gap?

·         Can cloud technology help streamline business processes?

·         How can technology revolutionise the role of HR professionals?

·         Will social media evolve into a viable recruitment tool?

“HR4ICT is a rich diverse depository of knowledgeable, experienced ICT professionals. A must do on your business calendar” Ms Caron Greaves, Head of HR Planning, TSTT, Trinidad & Tobago.



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