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The Dominican Republic Government Awards Hytera to Implement TETRA System

by david.nunes

The Dominican Republic Government Awards Hytera to Implement TETRA System

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, August 23rd, 2013 – Dominican Republic’s Ministry of the Presidency awarded Hytera the radio communications project by which they were looking to implement a TETRA radio communications system and a secure 911 service for the Santo Domingo area.

The project includes several components: the 911 system, a camera surveillance system and the communications infrastructure with its respective terminals which was awarded to Hytera. The Hytera TETRA system will cover the whole National District and Santo Domingo province together with neighbouring municipalities using 5 infrastructure sites provided by the Government.

The Dominican state required an integrated communications solution so that all Public Safety groups operating in the city of Santo Domingo can work effectively together to attack insecurity and attend any public emergency that may occur. This system will allow Santo Domingo to have the capacity to offer a rapid response when needed by its citizens as well as allowing control and dispatch facilities for all participating agencies such as Police, Fire, Ambulances and others.

The Government received five proposals for this public tender which then passed through a process of technical and economic evaluation undertaken by a group of experts and representatives of Dominican Republic civil society to make sure, in a transparent manner, that the best solution was chosen at a price that was within budget and also favoured the Nation’s interests.

Hytera presented the most solid technical offer: “We clearly set out the design of all the system components and included in our offer certain element that went beyond what was asked for, as was more than proved in a field test undertaken with the Ministry’s technical team. For example, regarding the portable radios, the IP55 certification against water and dust was required as a minimum and we offered our IP67 certified terminals; also 2000mAh batteries were required and we will deliver 2500 mAh batteries, “stated Fernando Camelo, Hytera’s Sales Director.

Hytera TETRA portable radio PT580H with IP67 certification

William Henriquez, CEO, Avelock Dominicana commented: “the economic proposal that we presented together with Hytera was by far the best and this permitted the Government to acquire a mission critical communications system. What is best for the Dominican people is that we will have a modern system that increases public safety levels.”
One of the great benefits of this decision by the Dominican Republic government is the fact that TETRA technology, being an open standard, allows interoperability among equipments from different manufacturers. There is always an option so that the equipment that is best adapted to its requirements can be used.

The TETRA digital standard is a global protocol which is becoming more accepted across all continents. TETRA provides secure, encrypted communications for mission critical applications as well as promoting a more efficient use of spectrum. More than 750 interoperability (IOP) certificates have been awarded to more than two dozen manufacturers by the TETRA + Critical Communications Association (TCCA), the governing body, globally, for the TETRA standard.

“It is a great honor for Hytera to be able to provide a high quality product based on an open protocol. We are delivering a mature solution to Dominican Republic based on Hytera’s experience in TETRA which increased with the acquisition in 2011 of the German company Rohde & Schwarz PMR GmbH; the government chose our proposal because it was searching for a secure, fully supported system and we are proud to offer this solution, “were Camelo’s final words.

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