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The Explosion of Wireless Services in Latin America

by david.nunes
Author's PictureIssue:Latin America I 1996
Article no.:11
Topic:The Explosion of Wireless Services in Latin America
Author:Fernando Figueredo
Title:Vice President, Public Relations & Communications for the Caribbean and Latin America
Organisation:Lucent Technologies, Inc
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The fastest growing part of the telecommunications sector currently in Latin America is wireless services. Governments in the region see the implementation of wireless technology as one of the quickest ways for citizens to start to enjoy the benefits of telecommunications liberalisation, and citizens themselves see the technology as eminently suitable for their professional and personal lifestyles of the second half of the 1990’s.

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Throughout the world, telecommunications has become a key element in a country’s plan to improve its economy. This is particularly true for developing countries which are frantically modernising and expanding their telecommunications infrastructure in order to compete in the global economy. These countries recognise that in order to improve domestic production they must first improve the ability of businessmen to conduct business activities. To do this, they must first improve not only the business regulatory environment but they must also improve their communications network.

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