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The FTTH Forum, the leading European FTTH conference, to take place November 9-10 in Budapest

by david.nunes

Thilo Kusch (CFO, Magyar Telecom) and Chris Holden (President of the FTTH Council, Europe) to deliver Keynote Address

October 19 2010 – The leading FTTH conferences in Europe will be held in Budapest this year. The FTTH Forum 2010 (www.ftthforum.net) opens its doors again this November (Nov 9-10, 2010).

In recent years, the FTTH Forum has become an extraordinary success. In 2009, 200 delegates from across Europe met in Lisbon to talk about Fiber Technologies, Next Generation Networks and successful Business Cases.

This year’s edition is again endorsed by the FTTH Council Europe. FTTH president, Chris Holden and Thilo Kusch, CTO of Magyar Telecom will deliver Keynotes at the opening session of the Forum.
During the conference, delegates will discuss key topics affecting the FTTH market, including:

* FTTx market trends and special drivers for FTTH
* Key Legislative and Regulatory Issues Affecting Fiber Projects
* Challenges, opportunities and business strategies for Municipal Broadband Deployment
* FTTX Operator Business Models, ROI & Case Studies

The FTTH Forum 2010 (www.ftthforum.net) has been especially created around case studies delivered by our panel of leading experts representing network operators, municipalities, industry consultants and the brightest analysts of Europe.

The FTTH Forum will be preceded by an optional workshop focused on the business case for profitable FTTx deployments.

If you represent a telecommunications operator, a municipality, utility or real estate agency; if your business is connected to Next Generation Networks; if you are working with a regulator, an ISP or Infrastructure Vendor; if you are a consultant or representing a broadcaster; join us in November (November 9-10) in beautiful Budapest for the most important FTTH/NGN events in Europe.

Visit the conference website at www.ftthforum.net

Organiser: HanseCom Media and Communication


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