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The Internet At 30

by Anthony Weaver

Please find comment from Ian Waters, Director Of Solutions Marketing of network intelligence software company, ThousandEyes:

“With over 4 billion people actively using the Web now, undoubtedly, Berners-Lee’s idea has completely transformed the world. The Internet has really become an indispensable part of everyday life in a very short space of time.”

“For businesses it has opened up unparalleled opportunities, across every industry, especially in banking and ecommerce. Today, the global Internet economy is worth trillions and trillions of pounds, something which will continue to experience healthy growth in the coming years too. Where once a website was seen as a novelty, a sizeable number of customers now interact primarily with firms through a digital experience which is delivered over the Internet.”

“Yet in this new environment, companies are under huge pressure to make sure these digital experiences don’t fail. The explosion in marketing technology, coupled with a choice of new ecosystem technology partners and the rise in cloud computing, means that delivering an exceptional digital experience now relies on a wide variety of third parties, all operating seamlessly together.”

“In an age where everything is available at our fingertips milliseconds matter, outages can have significant negative impact on brand and financial performance. The health of the digital experience that companies can offer will only become more and more important in the coming years, as the Internet continues to evolve from its humble origins.”

About ThousandEyes

ThousandEyes empowers businesses to see, understand and improve digital experiences everywhere. The ThousandEyes cloud platform offers unmatched vantage points throughout the global Internet and provides immediate visibility into the digital experience of every user and every application over any network, so companies can deliver superior digital experiences, modernise their enterprise WAN, and successfully migrate to the cloud. ThousandEyes is central to the global operations of the world’s largest and fastest growing brands, including Comcast, eBay, HP, 120+ of the Global 2000, 65+ of the Fortune 500, 6 of the 7 top US banks, and 20 of the 25 top SaaS companies. For more information, visit www.ThousandEyes.com or follow us on Twitter at @ThousandEyes.

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