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The Kenton Group Unlocks Emerging Talent

by david.nunes

The Kenton Group Unlocks Emerging Talent


Network access specialist The Kenton Group is unlocking emerging talent with three new graduate appointments, as it looks to continue to deliver business success.


Steven Smith joins the group as a Technical Support Lab Assistant – his first role in the industry – and is responsible for fulfilling Easynet, Talk Talk, OneAccess and Gamma client orders, covering the configurations of various devices, making desired cables and RMA testing. Smith studied ICT, IPRO and Cisco (CCNA’s 1-4) at higher level education alongside an Open University course in data, computing and information.


Smith says: “I first heard about the position from a friend who was already employed at the company and saw it as a great opportunity to further my knowledge and skills within the industry.”


University of Exeter graduate, Mike Swann, has been appointed as a Contracts Manager and is responsible for the day to day running of Kenton’s contracted business. This includes ensuring that products are in stock, processed and despatched all according to the Service Level Agreements.


“I’ve really enjoyed getting to grips with our customers, their requirements, the products and the team,” comments Mike. “It’s been a good challenge for me and I’m looking forward to developing my skill set to be able to manage my contracts effectively and efficiently. By taking into account the customers’ needs and looking critically at the system in place my job includes thinking outside of the box to find ways to improve reliability and provide a more user-friendly service.”


Third year University of Plymouth student Martyn Allen has also been awarded a position as part of his BSc (Hons) Computer Systems and Networks degree course industry placement year. Allen will work as a Technical Support Engineer, assisting the engineering team in activities to supply data communications and telecommunications to various markets including local government, Internet service providers and network operators.


“The Kenton Group has offered me a unique opportunity to work in a role that is relevant to my course of study and that helps me progress towards my goals for the future,” comments Allen. “I’m able to put what I have learned into practice, develop my knowledge and gain quality experience with a variety of products and devices.”


John Larkin, Managing Director of The Kenton Group, says: “During difficult economic times with record highs of unemployment being reported and recruitment at an all time low, we’re delighted to be able to offer our new employees the chance to gain invaluable experience and take the first step in their career development.


“We are committed to becoming the premier supplier of access products and services and an important part of that means investing back in to the economy. Not only are we providing jobs, but we’re also unlocking talent within the next generation.”


The Kenton Group is principally involved in the design, supply, installation and maintenance of network access products in many varied environments across the world.


For further information contact The Kenton Group on 44 (0)1322 552 000 or visit the website at http://www.thekentongroup.com/.




About The Kenton Group

Kenton Research was established more than 30 years ago to offer research design and development of telecommunications products supporting various industry standards. Kenton Research is now part of The Kenton Group which delivers network access, demarcation and connection products and solutions for carriers, operators, service providers, enterprise and government throughout the UK and EMEA. Offering bespoke development for organisations’ unique requirements, either via its specialist in-house development team, building products to required specification or utilising best in breed technology from its partners. The Kenton Group strives to deliver access network growth through innovation and partnerships.


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