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The ‘live’ Internet comes of age with Push Technology solving the limitations of traditional browser-based applications

by david.nunes

The ‘live’ Internet comes of age with Push Technology solving the limitations of traditional browser-based applications


·         Last mile Internet communications specialist, Push Technology, opens new UK Information Office for press & analysts to provide commentary about next generation application delivery over the Internet


November 21, 2011 – The importance of the Internet as a cost effective communications medium continues unabated driven by ever-increasing bandwidth capacity, explosion in popularity of Internet enabled mobile devices[1], and new web technologies such as HTML5.


 However, many businesses and consumers today expect the web to provide rich interaction and immediacy where content is dynamic and ‘live’, and personalised data instantly available irrespective of application, device, type of browser used, geography or connection speed.  Examples are wide-ranging:


·         Financial institutions want to add competitive advantage yet save cost by delivering high performance trading solutions over the public Internet. This requires trades to be securely transacted in milliseconds, and brokers able to track progress in real-time.

·         Betting exchanges have expanded their portfolios by delivering in-play betting while sporting events are actually happening.  This requires the availability of up-to-the second pricing to a huge numbers of connected users, and the ability for bets made to be securely received and placed – rather than punters ‘hoping’ they have been.

·         Games developers delivering browser-based massively multiplayer online games (MMOG) must ensure the gaming experience is second to none otherwise gamers will simply switch off and go elsewhere.

·         Media owners seeking to maximise advertising spend investment must engage with customers better via tailored and targeted content based on their web movements.  This requires technology to operate bi-directionally where an Internet-based dialogue with the end-user is created.


Historically the challenge of achieving this has been tough. Traditional web sites are just not designed to deliver this.  They can’t handle volatile, fast changing data or scale easily – without huge complexity, infrastructure investment, bandwidth consumption and server sprawl – to handle the bi-directional information flows required for ‘live’ Internet applications to really work when vast numbers of users all want to access them.


 Push Technology, the last mile Internet communications specialist, announces the opening of a new Information Office for press and analysts interested in this whole area.


·         Push Technology solves these real-time Internet delivery issues with its suite of software products called Diffusion – a total solution capable of delivering smart latency content across the Internet in a secure, intelligent and efficient way to any net connect devices. Completely bi-directional, and super fast, Diffusion offers a range of features for managing the delivery of any mixed media information, including audio and video, to avoid data loss or poor service through flooded devices or connections.

·         Put simply, as the new ‘live’ Internet market accelerates and booms, Push Technology ensures the right data is available to the right user at the right time so that Internet-based communications become ‘conversational’ in manner.

·         Established in 2006, Push Technology is a British company based in London’s Tech City, achieving 100% year on year revenue growth since it was founded. 

·         With 24/7 support offered, Push Technology has a rapidly growing customer base in a variety of vertical markets such as financial services, and the betting industry. Customers include Bet365, Oddschecker and Racing Post, one of the world’s best-known stock exchanges, along with various global banks. 

·         The application of the technology, however, is broad and is relevant wherever real-time, changing data delivery is required: transport, news, weather, social media, customer services, along with content providers and aggregators. 

·         Deploying Diffusion delivers immediate commercial benefits to clients:

·         Racing Post, for example, has seen a massive growth in its online services, with its new phone app spending four days as the no. 1 sports application on iTunes with record downloads during the Cheltenham Festival totaling 60,000.

·         A large gaming organisation is serving 4 million personalised adverts every second to its customers using Diffusion. 


Push Technology’s Diffusion middleware fabric for real-time communications at and over the edge is unique


1.      Updates are only ‘pushed’ to users when information changes – a publish/subscribe model – which turns the traditional web models of today on their head.  This means packet sizes are kept low, speed increased, bandwidth maximised and scaling is easy.

2.      The same underlying messaging service is used to run applications across all platforms and devices. With full support for the emerging HTML 5/WebSocket standard, Diffusion achieves this automatically by using a cascading approach to find the best transport mechanism to make a browser-based connection starting with HTML 5/WebSocket then Flash, Silverlight, AJAX and iFrames respectively.   Client side plug-ins are not required.

3.      Millions of concurrent connections can be handled and data pushed automatically from server to client, client to server and client to client over a range of connections speeds.  Working on any web server and supporting all major browsers, no proprietary software is required on client devices, thereby ensuring simplified roll out. 

4.      Users can start and stop communications using different devices with Diffusion managing this – ‘maintaining state’ – so that interactions are seamless and become like having a personal conversation.

5.      A range of application programming interfaces are supported so developers can easily create and connect bespoke end-user applications using Flash, Java, Microsoft .Net, Objective-C and others. Project implementation is therefore days/weeks, rather than months/years.

6.      Data can be deployed to multiple physical locations with high performance and data consistency maintained so that all users receive the same data simultaneously anywhere in the world. 

7.      ‘Data intelligence’ is enhanced through a set of features which manage an individual’s data so they get an excellent user experience irrespective of specific device or connection.  This includes auto reconnection, traffic throttling, conflation and queue management.  


Open during normal office hours, the Push Technology Information Office can support you by:


·         Arranging briefings with senior executives and technical experts who can provide from the ‘coal face’ commentary about the new real-time Internet and last mile Internet messaging. 

·         Providing access to customers who can speak openly about their decisions to work with the company, their experiences of doing so and the commercial outcomes;

·         Offering views and opinions on topics including:

o        HTML 5 and the WebSocket protocol and comments about these evolving standards;

o        Next generation application delivery over the web and via mobile devices;

o        Web security;

o        Online gaming, betting and delivery of real-time business and consumer applications.

o        Scaling real-time Internet architectures. 


As part of a mutually productive relationship, we have added you to the Push Technology press and analyst database and will you send relevant announcements accordingly.


[1] In 2011, smartphones shipments are set to grow 55% year on year according to IDC, with media tablet sales booming, up over 261% according to Gartner data.


The new PR contacts for your records are as below:
Tom Herbst
Tom Herbst PR Limited
Mobile: 07768 145571
Office: 0207 274 9937    


For further information about Push Technology, please visit www.pushtechnology.com


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