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The new Konftel 800 brings outstanding audio and simplicity to conference calls and video conferencing

by Anthony Weaver

Konftel, a global leader in conference phones from its base in Sweden, presents the next generation of conference devices with the launch of the Konftel 800. The new platform has innovative features that take the user experience to a whole new level in terms of both sound quality and ease of use. The option to connect multiple devices together creates a superb alternative to installing whole sound systems in large rooms.

The Konftel 800 is also at the heart of the new premium package for hassle-free video conferencing, Konftel C50800 Hybrid.

The Konftel 800 conference phone ensures a great user experience in every type of distance meeting using today’s solutions for communication and collaboration – whether in the cloud, an on-premise system or hybrid environments. This hybrid conference phone (SIP/USB/Bluetooth) meets the needs arising from the rapid migration to VoIP platforms, while at the same time addressing the growth in the huddle room segment, where USB is the main mode of connection.

“Multi-connection is important in ensuring flexibility and convenience for our customers, and it has been for a long time. The Konftel 800 is simply the next step on this path,” says Torbjörn Karlsson, Product Manager at Konftel.

Support for several different applications is also important for the sales channels, which are gaining a product with huge potential in the Konftel 800. Conference phones are expected to see growth of 12.6% in the VoIP segment and 14.4% in the USB segment in 2019, according to analysts at Frost & Sullivan (Global Audio Conferencing Endpoints Market, Forecast to 2024 – published in November 2018).

New platform
The Konftel 800 sees Konftel introducing a brand new platform, with a new generation of hardware, software and audio technology. It is also ready to offer wireless connection and wireless accessories in the future.

Users will immediately be struck by the new product design. Performance and simplicity are expressed through the combination of sharp lines and fabric, which lends the conference phone a warm yet distinctive look. This is a natural evolution of Konftel’s renowned and popular style.

“The conference phone occupies a prominent place in our meeting rooms, so it’s not enough for it to sound good. It also has to be easy on the eye. Over the years, we’ve received extremely positive feedback on our industrial design, and the Konftel 800 continues that tradition,” comments Peter Renkel, CEO of Konftel.

The new platform allows for a host of innovative features. Konftel’s own, ground-breaking OmniSound® audio technology, with full duplex, echo cancellation and noise suppression, has been developed to include beamforming and digital microphones. The practical benefit for the user is an even stronger sense of presence in the meeting. The listener feels that the person speaking is much closer to the telephone than they actually are – generally the beamforming technology halves the perceived distance.

“Users should never have to lean towards the conference phone in order to be heard or to hear better. A relaxed and natural dialog is crucial for effective meetings. The beamforming technology also provides greater freedom to move around the room and go up to the whiteboard, for example, without losing sound quality,” explains Torbjörn Karlsson, Product Manager at Konftel.

Multiple devices in a chain
The Konftel 800 combines three digital microphones, which will effectively pick up the voices of up to 20 meeting participants. For larger situations and rooms of up to 70 m2, it is possible to expand the sound range using one or two digital Konftel Smart Microphones. These have built-in acoustic echo cancellation, noise suppression and support for beamforming.

For stronger sound levels and meeting rooms of up to 90 m2, you can employ the new platform’s daisy-chain feature. Up to three Konftel 800s can be connected together in a chain, with one serving as the main unit and two acting as digital microphones and speakers. Connection by cable is simple and requires no advanced configuration in the underlying network. This new solution also delivers OmniSound® with beamforming.

“Good audio is the least common denominator for productive meetings,” says Vaishno Devi Srinivasan, Industry Analyst Unified Communications and Collaboration at Frost & Sullivan. “However, there is a lack of solutions in the market today that provide a candid audio conferencing experience between remote participants at an affordable price. The Konftel 800, embedded with the new generation OmniSound beamforming technology, provides a sense of in-person presence that immensely enriches meetings.”

Touchscreen or mobile app
There are two excellent ways for the user to manage the conference phone. The integral 4.3” touchscreen displays the available features via clear icons, with buttons for volume and mute. The Konftel 800 can also be controlled from the Konftel Unite mobile app, which provides access to all your personal contacts and your calendar for One Touch Conferencing – start or join a pre-booked meeting with just a single touch.

Both of these easy-to-use interfaces take all the stress out of launching and managing conference calls, even if you want to set up a multi-party call using the built-in bridging function with support for five lines.

The simplicity also extends to the IT and telephony department’s handling of the conference phone. There are several options for configuration, device management and auto-provisioning, including Konftel Zero Touch Installation. This means that the IP conference phones can be configured centrally and remotely, so they are ready to be unpacked and connected without any further action.

New package for video conferencing
Video conferencing is the natural next step in making the most of the Konftel 800’s capabilities. The new flagship model lies at the heart of the premium Konftel C50800 Hybrid package, which complements Konftel’s existing range of packages for hassle-free video conferencing in any type of meeting room. The concept fully supports Bring Your Own Meeting, where the user brings the collaboration app to the meeting room on their laptop, and offers Konftel One Cable Connection.

The new video package combines the talents of the Konftel 800 with the Konftel Cam50, a PTZ conference camera with exceptional image quality and 12x optical zoom. The Konftel OCC Hub brings all the devices together, so a single USB cable is all you need to connect the camera, the conference phone and the screen to your laptop. The hybrid concept also provides the freedom to welcome participants via regular phone calls.

“With the shift to cloud-based video collaboration (e.g. Microsoft Teams, Webex and Zoom), organizations are increasingly unwilling to fund expensive traditional on-premises video conferencing equipment”, says Brian Cotton, Partner and global head of Frost & Sullivan’s ICT practice. “Instead, we see demand shifting to flexible endpoints that support video, many different UC platforms and connectivity options, and allow participants to easily introduce their own devices into meetings. With the impressive improvements in the audio and video quality offered by Konftel 800 and its video kit, end-users can enjoy spontaneous and hassle-free interaction with a meeting quality that used to require a much greater investment.”

Konftel 800 at a glance
• Hybrid conference phone
• SIP, USB, Bluetooth®
• Meeting size: up to 20 people
• OmniSound® with beamforming
• Smart expansion microphones
• Daisy-chain connection
• Integral touchscreen
• Support for the Konftel Unite mobile app
• Built-in bridging function for five-way calls
• Efficient, scalable provisioning
• Two-year warranty

The Konftel 800 will be showcased at the Enterprise Connect trade show in Orlando, USA, March 18 to 20 in booth #1942. Sales starts during the third quarter of 2019.


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