The Pinnacle of Latin America Rises with Hytera DMR Radios

SalfaCorp, one of the main groups of Chilean companies with international presence linked to the areas of Engineering, Construction and Real Estate, was awarded the contract for the construction of the Costanera Center in Santiago, Chile. The Costanera Center consists of a complex of 4 skyscrapers. The tallest of the four buildings Gran Torre Santiago will be 300 meters tall, making it the tallest building in Latin America when completed and second tallest in the Southern Hemisphere, only behind the Q1 of 322 meters tall in Australia. Two other buildings will be 170 m high and a fourth one will be smaller.

For construction, the communication between the crane operators and their load operators has always been a difficult, especially for the construction of skyscrapers, as the walls between impose daunting barriers to signal transmission. During the construction, each crane works with operator on the ground (load operator) who provides load transportation instructions, as the crane operator is virtually unable to see the load and has to trust his operators on the ground. Thus the efficient communication between the crane operators and their load operators is critical to ensure that they get the right shipment to the right location. And 100% reliable communication is demanded for there is a risk of material damage and even death if the crane operator does not receive the instructions from his load operator.

Acmetel, Hytera dealer in Latin America, offered initially an analog solution to SalfaCorp for the construction of the Costanera Center with Hytera conventional UHF portable radio TC700 for the load operators and mobile radio TM610 for the crane operators. This solution worked quite well until the buildings began to grow taller and take more shape, creating more blind zones and interference for the radios situated at the top of the towers. Hytera DMR digital communications solution was then selected to be the perfect choice.

The solution adopted Hytera PD78X DMR portable radio and MD78X DMR mobile radio for load operators and crane operators respectively, together with the use of repeaters, which increases the signal coverage and eliminates the possibility of interference. Compared with the analog solution, SalfaCorp staff using the new Hytera DMR system experienced no background noise on transmissions, extended battery life on handheld radios, the ability to make individual and group calls. And they found Hytera DMR portable radios to be tough and waterproof, which are very helpful in the messy construction site. Moreover, the DMR radios are compatible with the previous analog radios, allowing the user to enjoy the benefits brought by leading digital technologies while take the most out of the existing analog system.
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