The R&S CMW-ATE test platform 97 is the only GCF-approved solution for multimedia telephony services for IMS

Munich, February 18, 2014.  The IMS and VoLTE test platform 97 from Rohde & Schwarz is the first certification platform to fulfill the test platform approval criteria (TPAC) of the Global Certification Forum (GCF). At the latest Conformance Agreement Group meeting, Rohde & Schwarz successfully validated an additional set of priority 1 test cases in work item 103 (Multimedia Telephony Services for IMS (MTSI) ­ GSMA IR.92 profile) and now covers more than 80 % of the priority 1 test cases.

By clearing this hurdle, work item 103 became part of the certification process on January 31, 2014. From this day forward, manufacturers of chipsets and wireless devices that support VoLTE and the GSMA IR.92 profile must pass the validated test cases in work item 103 in order to certify their products. The R&S CMW-ATE is currently the only GCF-approved test platform for IMS and VoLTE.

The R&S CMW-ATE further solidifies the leading position of Rohde & Schwarz in the field of IMS and VoLTE protocol testing. In addition to work item 103, the R&S CMW-ATE also covers all of the test cases in active GCF work item 128 (SMS over IMS). Rohde & Schwarz has transferred numerous IMS and VoLTE test plans of leading network operators to this test platform and had them approved by the network operators.

The R&S CMW-ATE IMS and VoLTE test platform 97 is now available from Rohde
& Schwarz.

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