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The sun rises on beautiful Skyscape: Cloud provider partners with LANDesk to help business growth

by david.nunes

The sun rises on beautiful Skyscape: Cloud provider partners with LANDesk to help business growth

LANDesk Service Desk helps cloud company reduce downtime and better support customers

London, UK 2013: LANDesk Software, a global leader in integrated systems lifecycle management, endpoint security and IT service management, today announces that Skyscape Cloud Services, the easy to adopt, easy to use and easy to leave Assured Cloud Services Company, has signed a three-year contract for LANDesk Service Desk. The solution automates Skyscape’s client service desk enabling them to manage customer queries and automatically fix issues in real time, minimising downtime and improving user support.

LANDesk’s solution has helped remove the manual processes previously handled by the IT team — allowing them to focus on the continued development of their innovative cloud platform. The LANDesk solution has also improved customer waiting times, giving end users a better customer experience and the solutions they need quicker, as there is no longer the need for human interaction, as a result of the LANDesk self-service solution.

“Due to the rapid expanse of our business and deployment of the G-Cloud Cloud framework, we physically couldn’t grow fast enough and needed a solution to support our growth and improve our customer services,” says Peter Rossi, Head of Orchestration & Automation Cloud Services, Skyscape. “Prior to signing the deal with LANDesk, we had nothing in place to manage our service desk processes and were relying solely on our employees to manage all customer queries via email and manually fix every issue.”

“As a result we needed a piece of technology that allowed us to automate and integrate with other software. LANDesk’s solution not only makes this simple and cost effective, but it can also be rolled out across other aspects of the business such as HR, as we evolve and grow as an organisation.”

The project was deployed over a two week period to accommodate Skyscape’s tight deadline, which included LANDesk training Skyscape employees. The fast implementation and flexibility of the training meant that with the service desk in action, Skyscape were able to quickly overcome the issues they’d been facing.

“Cloud computing in the public sector is a hot topic at the moment and we are delighted to be working with Skyscape to help evolve their business,” says Peter Durrant, Sales Director, at LANDesk. “With LANDesk Service Desk, Skyscape can now focus on innovation and offering the public sector the best cloud solution possible, rather than spending time in pure maintenance mode and dealing with minor issues.”

“As a cloud provider ourselves, we understand the importance of having a focus on customer service and that in order to have a successful cloud offering, customers need to feel they are in safe hands and getting the best service possible.”

About LANDesk Software

LANDesk Software is a leading provider of systems lifecycle management, endpoint security, and IT service management solutions for desktops, servers and mobile devices across the enterprise. LANDesk enables IT to deliver business value by gaining control of end-user computing with a single console, light infrastructure, and ITIL solutions that deliver significant ROI for thousands of customers worldwide. LANDesk is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, with offices located in the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific, and can be found at www.landesk.com.


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