ThinPrint Launches Free Cloud Service to Deliver IT Cost Savings

Printer Dashboard provides a complete real-time overview of all printers and consumables, reducing overall IT costs

Berlin, March 23, 2011 − ThinPrint, a leader in print management and cloud printing solutions, today launched the Printer Dashboard cloud service, a free, web-based printer monitoring solution that provides a comprehensive, real-time view of the complete printer environment. Printer Dashboard determines the status of each printer, its consumables and enables users to avoid costly outages and resolve print problems immediately.

Printing is still one of the most expensive IT services within any organization, with many companies not even fully knowing their actual print costs. To address this issue, Printer Dashboard delivers printer information that enables users to make sound business decisions and take necessary action to reduce IT costs.

Users can implement Printer Dashboard by registering through ThinPrint’s website and installing the Printer Dashboard ‘agent’. Once installed, the service provides an overview of consumables, reports critical toner levels and paper jam alerts for each printer. Integrated accounting allows users know the paper, toner and ink consumption of each printer, as well as the costs incurred. Printer Dashboard also allows toner and paper to be ordered directly at the click of a mouse.

“ThinPrint’s Printer Dashboard is an absolute must for all those dealing with the topic of printer management, such as specialist printer retailers wanting to quickly gain an overview of their customers’ situation,” Charlotte Künzell, COO and CIO of ThinPrint AG. “With this free service, users avoid printer downtime, calculate usage and costs of individual models and can thus take measures to significantly reduce overall costs. And all for free on our website.”

Printer Dashboard can be downloaded at:

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ThinPrint AG and Cortado

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