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Thomson Broadcast Unveils Ultra-Efficient Futhura Plus TV Transmitter

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Thomson Broadcast Unveils Ultra-Efficient uthura Plus TV Transmitter


New Drain Modulation Technology Delivers 50-Percent Efficiency Improvement


PARIS — Sept. 4, 2011 — Thomson Broadcast today announced the Futhura Plus ultra-efficient, high-power television transmitter. The Futhura Plus offers broadcasters substantial energy savings, with a 50 percent improvement in efficiency over current standard transmitters on the market.


With its innovative drain modulation technology, the environmentally friendly Futhura Plus is a major advance toward meeting lower energy consumption targets in the broadcast industry. Through its greatly reduced power requirements, the transmitter also delivers operational cost savings that can have a considerable impact on the performance of a broadcast business, substantially outstripping the return on investment of any transmitter on the market today.


For use in initial deployments or for extending existing digital networks, the UHF wideband Futhura Plus offers high-power capability suitable for HDTV and 3D services, with up to 35-percent transmitter efficiency and market-leading power density of up to 12.6kW OFDM. Equipped for all OFDM standards in the UHF frequency band, the Futhura Plus features Thomson’s latest software enhancements for the exciters, and a range of passive components including RF filters and new RF channel combiners.


The design of the Futhura Plus has been optimized for reliable performance and easy maintenance. Thomson’s fully automatic real-time Digital Adaptive Pre-correction (DAP) technology corrects linear and non-linear distortions, while low operating junction transistor temperature contributes to extended reliability. The transmitter has been designed to give easy access to all modules when replacement is required, and the Futhura Plus is the first transmitter to make use of standard mass-market power supplies.


To help broadcasters achieve the best possible strategic solution for efficiency, Thomson Broadcast provides a package of services that includes technical consultancy for transmission network optimization, adaptive training, efficient coverage studies, and a preventive maintenance program.


“The Futhura Plus is the most advanced and efficient energy-saving transmitter available to broadcasters today,” said Nicolas Dallery, president of Thomson Broadcast. “Incorporating the best technologies created to date by Thomson, the Futhura Plus stands out as a serious contributor to green broadcasting and profitable business.”




About Thomson Broadcast

Since the earliest years of broadcasting, the Thomson name has been synonymous with expertise and innovation at the highest level. A trusted partner to the world’s leading broadcasters, Thomson has pioneered many developments that have shaped the industry, leading innovation in solid-state technology, Digital Adaptive Pre-correction (DAP), Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM), and Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB); winning multiple Emmy® Awards; and gaining more than 50 patents in technologies that have become fundamental to broadcasting. Thomson Broadcast is building on this great heritage with a market-leading portfolio of transmission products for terrestrial television, radio broadcasting, and state-of-the-art products for scientific applications, combined with world-class systems integration services. With more than 50,000 active Thomson transmission systems deployed worldwide and a global support presence, Thomson Broadcast continues to forge technologies for the future, with initiatives such as the innovative GreenPower and broadcast/mobile convergence programs. In addition to broadcasting, Thomson’s list of projects in the field of special applications dates back to 1981 and includes installations on five continents managed by private and public organizations operating in the areas of scientific research, medical, or industrial applications.


Information about products from Thomson Broadcast is available at www.thomson-broadcast.com.




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