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Thomson Video Networks Demonstrates Software Encoding on HP Moonshot Platform

by david.nunes

Thomson Video Networks Demonstrates ViBE VS7000 Software Encoder on HP Moonshot Platform

ViBE® VS7000 Delivers Outstanding Channel Density, Broadcast-Grade Video Quality, and Industry-Leading Reliability and Performance for HP’s Video Delivery Infrastructure 

RENNES, France — Aug. 27, 2015 — Thomson Video Networks today announced an agreement with HP to develop a next-generation video delivery infrastructure based on the ViBE® VS7000 software integrated with an HP Moonshot system equipped with HP ProLiant m710 server cartridges. 

“HP has been an important collaborator for Thomson Video Networks’ software-based solutions since 1996, and we’ve been pleased to work with HP on Xeon-based servers like the DL360/380 stand-alone servers and C7000 blade centers,” said Stephane Cloirec, director of product management, Thomson Video Networks. “The ViBE VS7000 software running on Moonshot is a breakthrough showcase for our Intel Core i7 video transcoding technology. As HP’s next-generation data center platform, Moonshot brings together massive compute performance and low power consumption. Its application-driven cartridge approach promises to fundamentally change data center architectures.”

The new, all-in-one solution combines the VS7000’s video transcoding with other applications, such as back-office and CDN, running on different m710 cartridges in a single Moonshot chassis. By providing application-dedicated, low-power cartridges instead of traditional servers, the Moonshot system aims to drastically reduce the total cost of ownership.

“The collaboration between Thomson and HP comes at a time when the media and entertainment industry has high demand for rich media content and more robust cloud and Internet-based services. These requirements call for disruptive innovation from industry leaders,” said Paul Santeler, vice president and general manager, Moonshot Business Unit, HP. “The agreement enables us to provide an all-in-one video delivery system based on Moonshot to pave the way for HP’s next-generation video delivery infrastructure, allowing customers broadcast-grade video applications for the future.”

Further information about Thomson Video Networks products is available at www.thomson-networks.com.  

About Thomson Video Networks
A global leader in advanced video compression solutions, Thomson Video Networks empowers media companies, video service providers, and broadcasters to deliver superior video quality at the highest density and lowest bandwidth for contribution, terrestrial, satellite, cable, IPTV, and OTT services. Through its innovative Behind Every Screen® approach, Thomson Video Networks combines both on-premises and cloud-based resources to create an all-encompassing video infrastructure for its advanced ingest/playout, branding, ad insertion, encoding/transcoding, and packaging technologies. Media enterprises now have every key capability they need to raise video quality and reduce cost of ownership not just for broadcast, but also for multi-screen services on every device and platform. Behind Every Screen you’ll find Thomson Video Networks. Visit www.thomson-networks.com.

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