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Thomson Video Networks’ Headend Solutions Ease Indian Operators’ Transition to Digital

by david.nunes

Thomson Video Networks Announces Innovative Headend Solutions to Ease Indian Cable Operators’ Transition to Digital

RENNES, France — June 13, 2013 — Thomson Video Networks today announced a new range of headend solutions tailored to the specific requirements and capabilities of cable operators in India. Based on the common Indian channel lineup, each solution is designed to provide the appropriate level of encoding for a particular channel format. For SD content and channels available only through broadcasters’ proprietary STB set-top boxes (STBs), Thomson Video Networks is offering its industry-proven and globally deployed ViBE™ VS7000 and ViBE EM1000 encoders. For HD channels and hybrid operators, the headend solution includes the market-leading ViBE EM4000 multichannel encoder.

“Cable operators in India face a major challenge in the coming months as they respond to the mandatory digitalization legislation enacted by the Indian government. The transition from analog to digital broadcasting has both technological and financial implications,” said Shimon Shanor, VP of sales for strategic markets at Thomson Video Networks. “Our extensive experience in the Indian cable and broadcast markets has given us specific familiarity with the country’s channel characteristics and cable requirements. We’ve put this expertise to work designing solutions to help our Indian cable customers with this challenging transition.”

Thomson Video Networks’ ViBE EM1000 is the ideal solution for encoding analog audio and video inputs in either MPEG-2 or MPEG-4. For SD content and channels offered through broadcasters’ proprietary STBs, the ViBE VS7000 allows transcoding of long-tail services and can be also expanded for multi-screen video delivery through software licenses. These products offer the best video quality for standard channels at the most cost-effective prices in the market.

For HD channels and hybrid operations, the market-leading ViBE EM4000 multi-channel encoder enables advanced features such as HD/3D encoding, dual parallel output, and more. Housed in a 1-RU chassis, the ViBE EM4000 can encode up to eight channels in H.264 and HD, making it ideal for feeding a QAM channel.

The combination of these ViBE encoders ensures the best possible video quality for each type of channel while keeping overall headend costs down. All encoders support statistical multiplexing for optimal bandwidth management, as well as automatic loudness control on all types of audio (stereo or surround, MPEG-1 Layer II, Dolby®, or AAC) to comply with international standards. In addition, each encoder is “future-proof,” easily expandable, and upgradable to support additional formats and multi-screen distribution when required.

All the products that comprise the headend solutions are part of Thomson Video Networks’ current, fully supported, and continuously developed portfolio.

About Thomson Video Networks

A global leader in advanced video compression solutions, Thomson Video Networks helps media companies, video service providers, and broadcasters deliver superior video quality at the lowest-possible bandwidth for contribution, terrestrial, satellite, cable, IPTV, and OTT services. Through Thomson Video Networks’ ongoing commitment to innovation, customers are able to leverage emerging technologies, such as the new HEVC compression standard, for the efficient delivery of new video services. This includes multi-screen applications supporting every platform from small handheld devices to large TV screens. Picture the Possibilities: visit www.thomson-networks.com.

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