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Thomson Video Networks’ NetProcessor: Industry’s First Multiplexer With DVB-T2 MI Reverse Gateway

by david.nunes

Thomson Video Networks’ NetProcessor: Industry’s First Multiplexer With DVB-T2 MI Reverse Gateway

RENNES, France — Aug. 1, 2012 — Thomson Video Networks has launched a new version of the NetProcessor 9030/40 with new capabilities that establish it as an industry-leading platform for DVB-T2 broadcasting. To add to its capabilities for multiplexing, remultiplexing, scrambling, SFN adaptation, DVB-T2 multiPLP gateway, and video processing, the NetProcessor now includes a DVB-T2 MI reverse gateway — the industry’s first to be integrated into a remultiplexer/scrambler.

The NetProcessor 9030/40’s new DVB-T2 features enable the ingest of DVB-T2 MI streams from an ASI or IP inputs, and the de-encapsulation of up to 15 physical layer pipes (PLPs) per stream. The resulting multiplexes are then available within the NetProcessor for reprocessing operations, which may include regionalization, scrambling, and remultiplexing. The multiplexes can also be re-encapsulated by the NetProcessor into DVB-T2 MI streams.

These additional features make the NetProcessor a versatile and cost-effective tool for regionalization applications in a DVB-T2 environment, enabling seamless commercial insertion and switchover between sources.

“DVB-T2 MI offers substantial benefits to the broadcaster, and the new NetProcessor 9030/40 delivers on the promise of the format by providing enormous versatility in a single unit,” said Hervé Congard, chief operating officer at Thomson Video Networks. “Aside from the freedom to manipulate the DVB-T2 MI stream in many ways, the NetProcessor lets broadcasters simplify the infrastructure in the regional headend and create a much less complex redundancy scheme.”

The Thomson NetProcessor 9030/40 is an integrated MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 standard- and high-definition transport stream processor featuring video processing capabilities, including transrating and splicing. The system is targeted at broadcasters, content owners, and network operators looking to migrate from DVB ASI legacy environments to IP-based infrastructures, and is ideal for localizing or remodeling content.

The 9030/40 provides multiplexing, remultiplexing, PSI/SI processing, transrating, splicing, data injection, ad insertion, and the scrambling of hundreds of services received and delivered over DVB ASI and telecom interfaces. It can also be used to manage bandwidth by combining local or geographically distributed encoders in the same pool with incoming transrated programs using hybrid remote Flextream™ technology.

Interfaces including ASI, Gigabit Ethernet/IP, PDH-SONET, and SDH/ATM make the NetProcessor ideal for replacing multiple previous-generation multiplexers and network adaptors with a single device. NetProcessor 9030/40 also features dual network interfaces and dual hot-swappable power supplies.

About Thomson Video Networks

From the very onset of digital TV broadcasting, the Thomson name has been synonymous with supplying expertise, quality, and reliability to the world’s leading broadcasters. Since delivering the world’s first large-scale direct-to-home satellite system, Thomson Video Networks has been a global leader in compression systems for satellite, terrestrial, cable, IPTV, mobile TV, and Web streaming. The company helps its customers deliver superior quality video to anything from small handheld devices to large 3D HD screens, with the lowest bandwidth to ensure a profitable business model. A trusted supplier to more than 20 percent of the active channels deployed worldwide, with a global support presence and a reputation for delivering quality at every stage, Thomson Video Networks offers the experience and range of products to meet every need, from hybrid multiformat compression systems to contribution links for content exchange networks.

Information about products from Thomson Video Networks is available at www.thomson-networks.com.

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