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Throughputer Announces Task-Centric Cloud Computing Platform Architecture

by david.nunes

Throughputer Announces Task-Centric Cloud Computing Platform Architecture

JERSEY CITY, New Jersey, Oct. 15, 2013 – ThroughPuter, Inc. announces a novel software task-centric computing architecture to overcome the scalability and performance limits of legacy hardware resource-centric architectures. While conventional resource-based computing models increase the processing resources available for software programs, task-centric computing solves the more relevant challenge of enabling the programs to actually effectively utilize the available resources for performance gain.

This solution is becoming increasingly a necessity: while performance requirements of web and enterprise applications keep escalating, automatic speedup from processor clock rates is no longer available. Program execution thus has to be parallelized and/or pipelined into multiple concurrent tasks. Such concurrent execution however faces performance scalability limits, due to parallelization overhead, even in a dedicated execution environment. Yet, going forward, web as well as enterprise applications need to run efficiently on dynamically shared cloud environments, where the scalability limiting impact of parallelization overhead will be significantly more severe. Application performance scalability thus requires eliminating the parallelization system software overhead, which the task-centric computing does by automating the inter- as well as intra-application parallel execution routines in hardware, for secure, overhead-free, dynamic parallel processing.

ThroughPuter also notes as an innovation milestone the granting of US patent 8561078 “Task Switching and Inter-task Communications for Multi-core Processors” on October 15, 2013. The task-centric computing of this patent, along with US patent 8490111, GB2498132, GB2485019, GB2495882, GB2490036, GB2490766 and GB2478194, enable scaling computing performance power-efficiently without raising clock rates: “Task-centric computing simplifies system implementation, while optimizing resource efficiency and application performance”, observes ThroughPuter’s president Mark Sandstrom.

ThroughPuter is developing a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) to enable improving both application development productivity and runtime performance. To address this dual-challenge, ThroughPuter has innovated a cross-layer optimized parallel cloud computing architecture designed for high-performance, resource-efficient and ground-up secure, task-centric computing.

This new PaaS architecture derives its productivity, performance, scalability and security advantages from its dynamic parallel execution environment automating the concurrent program execution orchestration in the fabric of the manycore processors, and thus providing for the development environment a simplified, higher level, and non-proprietary interface to the execution environment.

The parallel program development environment of the PaaS is to be open-sourced, and the concurrent applications created with it can be deployed in execution environments chosen by application owners.

ThroughPuter encourages parties aiming at future-proof application performance scalability to inquire about collaboration opportunities in realizing the much needed comprehensive parallel program development and execution PaaS.

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