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Thunderhead.com announces evolution of ONE Correspond for Salesforce

by david.nunes

Thunderhead.com announces evolution of ONE Correspond for Salesforce

LONDON – May 9th, 2013 – Thunderhead.com, a pioneer of SaaS solutions for customer experience management, today announced the next stage in the evolution of ONE Correspond for Salesforce with the release of Version 2.0.

The new version was created with feedback from the growing number of ONE Correspond for Salesforce customers to deliver enhanced capabilities that maximise business potential.

The improved functionality further enhances the value customers get from their existing Salesforce investment, improving their productivity and creating an even better experience for their customers at the same time.

Now available from the Salesforce.com AppExchange, ONE Correspond for Salesforce enables users to create relevant and personalized communications, always on brand and always on message, without leaving the Salesforce environment, and eliminating the time wasting associated with reliance upon third-party software. And with Chatter integration, the platform enables users to collaborate on documents for review, edit and approval.

The solution is now available in Standard and Professional Editions, with Standard offering a cost-effective option to rapidly create correspondence with just one click. The Professional Edition allows users to edit documents and provides workflow integration to automate business processes.

ONE Correspond for Salesforce is part of the ONE Engagement platform, a suite of SaaS-based solutions that enables businesses to engage and collaborate effectively internally and with their customers.

“ONE signals a new era in the advancement of engagement, opening up new possibilities for deepening customer and business relationships, enabling interactions with personalized and relevant content for every conversation across all touchpoints on the customer journey,” said Glen Manchester, CEO of Thunderhead.com.

“The evolution of ONE Correspond for Salesforce makes the compelling idea of becoming a ‘customer company’ even more of a reality, enhancing the way companies communicate with their customers to improve the overall customer experience.”

“We needed something that was best in class and could deliver the right customer messaging with the greatest degree of control. When a proposal goes out the door, we know that everyone is happy and has signed off on what is sent to the customer,” said Josh Morse, Marketing Director, CloudSense.

“What attracted us to Thunderhead.com was the company’s reputation, the positive feedback we heard from other companies that had deployed their solutions, and our own experience working with the company,”

Summary of Enhancements:

· The Standard Edition now offers simple “fire and forget” document creation, with Professional Edition giving users the opportunity to review and edit documents where further personalization is required

· Available across both Editions, Bulk Output provides the ability to generate multiple communications automatically from a single request

· APIs for integrating with FLOW and Chatter FLOW enable the automation of correspondence creation and delivery

· Service Cloud Console support enables users to request, draft and finalize communications from any open tab in the Console.

· One-click signing with integrated support for leading e-Signature vendors.

ONE Correspond for Salesforce is available from the Salesforce AppExchange at: http://bit.ly/160qZAu

About Thunderhead.com

Thunderhead.com is a leading provider of enterprise solutions for customer experience management. The Thunderhead.com ONE customer engagement platform provides powerful SaaS solutions that fundamentally change the way businesses engage with each other and their customers.

Some of the world’s most demanding companies trust Thunderhead.com to help them build customer engagement and create enduring relationships.

With Thunderhead.com, businesses have more power to drive revenue, brand strength, and differentiation through superior customer experience.

Thunderhead.com serves its global customer base from offices located in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. See: www.thunderhead.com


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