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Thuraya First Satellite Operator to Offer Twitter Services for Consumers by SMS

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Thuraya First Satellite Operator to Offer Twitter

Services for Consumers by SMS


Abu Dhabi, 9th December 2011: Thuraya, the leading international mobile satellite operator is the first in the mobile satellite industry to launch SMS based Twitter services for its handheld consumer base.  Scheduled for launch on December 15th, this unique service will enable voice consumers to send and receive Tweets via SMS wherever they may be located within Thuraya’s 140 country coverage area to and from their handheld devices. As such, consumers can always stay in touch in real-time and actively engage in the new world of social media of their interest.


Using the short dedicated SMS code of 1888 users can sign up for Twitter or link their Thuraya phones with their Twitter accounts or visit the Twitter website for more information. 


Through this advanced service, Thuraya empowers consumers to follow accounts and send and receive live Tweets.  As such, handheld users can easily filter which updates they wish to follow and receive instant mobile updates from the accounts that matter the most to them. Moreover, the Thuraya SMS based Twitter service can facilitate corporate networking or be used for rapid emergency communications.


Thuraya voice consumers will receive Tweets free-of-charge in the form of an incoming SMS. Outgoing Tweets will be sent and charged as a normal text message.


“As a dynamic, leading MSS operator, Thuraya ensures that it consistently offers the most innovative services that keep up with new emerging technologies; the newly launched SMS based Twitter to facilitate up-to-date communications is just an example. Through this feature, Thuraya consumers can now better enjoy the capabilities of Thuraya’s voice services and consistently feel that they are part of the modern era and social networking community which we know is a main driver of our times,” said Thuraya’s Director-Intercarrier Relations, Mr. Tarek Shqairat.


To access the Thuraya SMS based Twitter services consumers need to link their phones to their Twitter account.  To achieve this they need to send an SMS to the Twitter code 1888 with the word START and follow instructions. Additionally the service is explained on the setting icon on the Twitter website.


About Thuraya (www.thuraya.com)


Thuraya is a leading international mobile satellite services operator that provides quality, affordable communication solutions in more than 140 countries across Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia and Australia. Thuraya’s portfolio encompasses data, voice and maritime products and services that support dual GSM and satellite mode and advanced applications, to provide people and businesses with constant connectivity when they need it most. Thuraya specifically designs successful satellite communication solutions for vertical sectors such as energy, media, government, NGOs and maritime.


Thuraya’s robust, powerful satellite network enables two-thirds of the globe’s population to communicate clearly and effectively in areas underserved by terrestrial networks.


Thuraya was founded in 1997 by a consortium of leading national telecommunications operators and reputed regional and international investment firms, and is the world’s leading provider of mobile satellite handhelds in its coverage area, with nearly 65% market share.


For more information, please contact:


Mr. Ebrahim K. Ebrahim

Corporate Communications Department

Thuraya Telecommunications Co.

Post Box 283333 Dubai, UAE

Tel: 971-4-4488-828

Fax: 971-4-4488-899

Email: e_ebrahim@thuraya.com



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