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Thuraya Sponsors Meeting on “Role of ICT in National Security and Disaster Recovery”

by david.nunes

Thuraya Sponsors Meeting on “Role of ICT in National Security and Disaster Recovery”


Abu Dhabi, Beirut, 11th January 2011:  Mobile satellite operator Thuraya Telecom Co. is hosting a dedicated conference session on the role of information and communication technology (ICT) solutions in managing national security and disaster recovery operations. The session is part of the 10th Arab Telecom & Internet Forum (ATIF 2011) to be held in Beirut on 26 and 27 January 2011. Organised by Al-Iktissad Wal-Aamal Group, the conference is under the patronage of the Lebanese Minister of Telecommunications Dr. Charbel Nahas, and held in association with the ITU, ESCWA and ARABSAT.


The feature that gives ATIF 2011 more significance is that it coincides with the Executive Bureau Meeting of Arab Telecommunications and Information Ministers, to be held in Beirut during the same period and attended by high-level official delegations from all over the Arab world.


As planned, the session on ‘Role of ICT in National Security and Disaster Recovery’ will feature expert speakers from the national security, civil defense, telecom providers, NGOs and relief operations sectors.


The big challenge in managing natural disasters and other large crises is the unknowns, which is why experts always call for the best preparations to deal with such unknown risks. “Obviously, maintaining the ability to communicate among individuals, groups and concerned authorities during disasters is so crucial. Hence planning for and preparing the right ICT solutions for disaster recovery is of vital national importance,” explains Thuraya’s Vice President Corporate Communications Ebrahim K. Ebrahim.


Today, Thuraya has a complete range of reliable satellite-based ICT solutions, including both voice and data, which enable efficient and highly coordinated security and disaster recovery operations, which will be demonstrated during the conference.


Mr. Ebrahim stresses that Thuraya is well positioned to lead in providing vital telecom solutions for the government and disaster recovery segments. ”First, it has the large international coverage of 140 countries that makes it reach remote land and sea areas unreached by terrestrial networks. Second, as a satellite network it is not affected by natural disasters that strike different parts of the world every now and then, and which often destroy or paralyse land-based infrastructures. And third, the Company has developed specialised solutions that meet the unique needs of the security and disaster recovery sector for secure, practical and dynamic telecom solutions,” he elaborated. 


The three key products that create Thuraya’s portfolio for the security and disaster recovery segment are Thuraya IP, Thuraya XT and NettedComms. Disaster management requires easy to use, cost-effective and mobile communications under the most calamitous circumstances. Therefore, Thuraya IP is a unique and proven satellite broadband solution for this sector. It is mobile, compact (A-5 sized) and portable so it can easily fit into the gear of a relief worker.


Thuraya XT, the world’s toughest satellite phone that is IP54/IK03 certified, is the ideal handheld phone during times of crises because it is splash water, dust and shock proof.


And for emergency group communications, Thuraya provides “NettedComms” which is a satellite-based solution that integrates different telecom technologies into a single closed user group, enabling users with different telecom devices to communicate effectively during security and disaster recovery activities. The service brings together Thuraya IP, Thuraya handhelds, Public Switch Telephone Networks, GSM and radio systems to provide robust netted communications.


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 About Thuraya (www.thuraya.com)


Thuraya provides cost-effective mobile satellite services in more than 140 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia and the Middle East. Services provided by Thuraya include mobile voice that support dual GSM and satellite mode, broadband, maritime, rural telephony, fleet management and other advanced applications that enable people and businesses everywhere under its coverage to enjoy constant access to communications and information. Thuraya enhances sectors such as oil and gas, mining, agriculture, NGOs and maritime services through its cutting edge technology.


The Company launched its third satellite in January 2008, which has brought countries of the Asia-Pacific region under its footprint and extended its coverage to nearly two thirds of the globe’s population.


Thuraya was founded in 1997 by a consortium of leading national telecommunications operators and reputed investment firms from the region.


For more information, please contact:


Mr. Ebrahim K. Ebrahim

Corporate Communications Department

Thuraya Telecommunications Co.

Post Box 283333 Dubai, UAE

Tel: 971-4-4488-828

Fax: 971-4-4488-899

Email: e_ebrahim@thuraya.com

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