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Thuraya’s Landmark Tracking and Monitoring Solution Enhanced with New Capabilities

by Anthony Weaver


  • Thuraya T2M-DUAL delivers major operational and financial savings by enabling simultaneous data capture from fixed and mobile assets
  • The terminal’s automated network mode selection is regulated by least cost routing, which ensures unrivalled total cost of ownership
  • Superior firmware supports advanced capabilities for fleet management along with new modes for data collection and transmission, creating opportunities for fixed asset monitoring in energy, government, transportation and utilities sectors

Abu Dhabi, UAE, 25 November 2019: Thuraya Telecommunications Company, the mobile satellite services subsidiary of the Al Yah Satellite Communications Company (Yahsat), today unveiled its highly versatile T2M-DUAL IoT/M2M solution with enhanced capabilities. Operating on both satellite M2M and cellular networks, Thuraya T2M-DUAL is the world’s only dual-mode tracking and monitoring solution with the widest choice of connectivity over Satellite, including Satellite Messaging, GmPRS IP Data and Circuit Switched 9.6 data. It enables smarter, more streamlined and automated data capture from multiple sources, including fixed and mobile assets.

Thuraya T2M-DUAL brings unprecedented ease of integration to applications that are traditionally more complex to monitor and manage. The terminal’s robust system and interoperability make it the best-in-class solution for largescale mobile operations in sectors like transportation, government, energy and utilities, agri-tech, hydro environment and mining. Moreover, its automated network mode selection based on least cost routing ensures optimized connectivity and unrivalled total cost of ownership.

Chief Commercial Officer, Shawkat Ahmed sheds further light, “For a terminal of its class, Thuraya T2M-DUAL does a lot. Firstly, it can gauge and continually monitor events within and out of cellular networks. As a result, operators are able to make decisions and deployments seamlessly, amplifying operational efficiency. Secondly, it can help track and manage assets – fixed and mobile – across distances and borders, thus ensuring constant safety of persons and property. Our data plans backed by the pooling option, make the T2M-DUAL all the more attractive, because users have to contend with only predictable costs. With the demand for multi-functional IoT solutions soaring, and the satellite IoT/M2M market tipped to reach US$2.5 billion by 2023, we foresee excellent opportunities for such cost-effective, flexible solutions.”

Thuraya T2M-DUAL provides three independent modes of operation. On tracker mode, it relays CANbus, GPS or I/O data from moving entities. When assets are fixed or deployed, the terminal can also be used in logger or modem mode to interface with data loggers to exchange vital information from remote sites. Launched in early 2018, the T2M-DUAL has generated a lot of customer interest due to its adaptiveness. Aside from cost-controlled automated network selection, Thuraya has retained all the original features such as geo-fencing, internal battery backup, robust design, location and sensor data capture that have made it a firm market favorite. Besides the T2M-DUAL, Thuraya’s IoT/M2M portfolio consists of FT2225 and IP M2M service offerings that enable lite IP and high throughput applications respectively.

Thuraya’s L-band satellite network does not suffer from high signal loss common to high frequencies, and is therefore less susceptible to disruptions, providing reliable services even in unstable weather conditions. Its low frequency range is ideal for IoT applications like fleet management, remote tracking and monitoring of mobile assets.  The L-band has a wider beam width, and hence does not require a high-quality antenna with accurate directionality that is mandatory for higher bands. As a result, Thuraya’s services are easier to process and require only low cost Radio Frequency (RF) equipment, culminating in major operational and financial savings.

About Thuraya Telecommunications Company
Thuraya, is the mobile satellite services subsidiary of Yahsat, a leading global satellite operator based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), fully owned by Mubadala Investment Company. Established in 1997, Thuraya offers innovative communications solutions to a variety of sectors including energy, government, broadcast media, maritime, military, aerospace and humanitarian NGO.

Thuraya’s superior network enables clear communications and uninterrupted coverage across two-thirds of the globe by MSS, global VSAT coverage and around the world through its unique GSM roaming capabilities. The company’s diverse range of technologically advanced and dependable mobile satellite handsets and broadband devices provide ease of use, value, quality and efficiency. Through relevant partnerships, Thuraya stays ahead by delivering solutions and supporting applications that meet the rapidly transforming nature of market demands. Thuraya remains committed to keeping everyone within reach in any circumstance by making accessible the essential tools required for vital connectivity.

For more information, please visit www.thuraya.com or email us at corporatecomms@thuraya.com.


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