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TIBCO Spotfire Delivers Game-Changer – Brings the Power of Discovery to Big Data

by david.nunes

TIBCO Spotfire Delivers Game-Changer – Brings the Power of Discovery to Big Data

New Version of Spotfire Analytics Platform Delivers on TIBCO Big Data Strategy and Commitment to Transform Businesses

TUCON 2012, LAS VEGAS, NV, September 25, 2012 – Today at TUCON® 2012, TIBCO Software Inc. (NASDAQ: TIBX) announced TIBCO Spotfire® 5.0, the latest version of its data discovery and analytics platform, which offers breakthrough capabilities to speed analysis of big data. Spotfire® 5 includes a completely re-architected in-memory engine specifically built to enable users from across the enterprise to visualize and interact with massive amounts of data. Spotfire 5 also integrates with global data warehousing leaders Teradata (see related press release: “TIBCO Spotfire Announces Expanded Partnership with Teradata to Offer Extreme Data Discovery and Analytics”), Oracle, and Microsoft, and accesses Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services cubes. Additionally, Spotfire 5 dramatically extends its leadership in predictive analytics and enterprise-grade scalability.

The world’s data is forecast to grow 50 times by 2020, according to IDC, and companies are preparing to transform their businesses using the intelligence buried in that data. While many enterprises are addressing the storage and access challenges around the volume, variety and velocity of big data, they still require a way to quickly make sense of this information and use it for business advantage.

Power to Discover
Spotfire 5 provides incredible speed for visually analyzing astonishing volumes of data in-memory and now provides the ability to execute complex calculations in-database with Teradata, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server as well as the ability to visually explore data residing in Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services cubes.

“Spotfire 5 is capable of handling in-memory data volumes orders of magnitude greater than the previous version of the Spotfire analytics platform, giving business users the ability to not only discover trends, patterns and outliers incredibly quickly, but also the freedom to explore much larger data sets,” said Lars Bauerle, vice president of product strategy at TIBCO Spotfire. “Spotfire 5 also extends beyond in-memory analytics with a new visual and interactive interface to directly query databases and cubes, harnessing the power of these external analytic engines to run calculations in-database, where the data resides, and then visualize the results. These capabilities are exactly what enterprises are looking for to be able to discover the value hidden in their data. High tech manufacturing, consumer packaged goods, retail, life sciences, and financial services will be early adopters as they pursue breakthrough business opportunities or look to avoid catastrophic risks.”

“Analytics is giving us a clear competitive edge,” said Alan Falkingham, Director, Business Intelligence, Procter & Gamble Company. “We use TIBCO Spotfire interactive visualizations across business domains – to identify opportunities for cost savings in our supply chain and to determine the best country-category combinations that will drive incremental sales revenue. We are excited by the prospect of Spotfire 5.0 being able to efficiently analyze and visualize extreme data volumes by executing analytics directly within our database architecture. We are anticipating that this powerful integration will bring a new level of data insight to our business and help us to discover actionable insights even more quickly.”

Spotfire 5 will give users the power to directly access and explore data stored in relational databases and cubes. With such improved visibility, users will make even more informed decisions and organizations will become even more agile.

“In terms of monitoring and storing every single data point of our research experiments in a database, there is a strong demand for powerful data analytic and visualization capabilities” said Dr. Thomas Arnhold at BoehringerIngelheim. “By enabling our users with powerful analytics, we’ve realized standard assay analysis templates, which were not possible before. Real time monitoring of assay throughput and cycle times, biological data of long term cardiovascular experiments or quality control data over multiple assay runs provide extreme time savings in speeding ad-hoc analysis requests from management – we now answer critical business questions not only in data tables but with visual elements – and that within minutes instead of hours. As a result of deploying Spotfire more widely, we are spreading our philosophy of data analysis across multiple areas and at all levels of our pharma business.”

Power to Predict
Spotfire 5.0 also delivers enterprise-strength self-service predictive analytics to speed decisions and help customers achieve a two-second advantage™. The new TIBCO® Enterprise Runtime for R engine within Spotfire 5 brings scalability and stability to agile R language and enables users to adapt and seamlessly implement enterprise-grade predictive models in hours, not days.

“We are looking forward to the new enterprise-class R in Spotfire 5. Using R in our environment makes the impossible possible,” said Dr. Heiko Bailer, Partner, Chief Investment Officer at CorePoint Capital and Fund Manager Plenum Investment AG Zurich. “Not only are our predictive analytics capabilities years ahead of what top competitors showcase, but our customers are ‘blown away’ when we demonstrate our funds. The ROI we’ve received from Spotfire is easily 200%.”

Power to Scale
Spotfire 5 also ups the ante in meeting the demands of very large enterprises needing to scale the delivery of business analytics across the enterprise. Integration with TIBCO SilverFabric® provides intelligent load balancing and an elastic Web Player Server architecture to help enterprises advance operational efficiency through new levels of self-service. Managed as a service from within Spotfire 5, SilverFabric® allows interactive dashboards on the TIBCO Spotfire® Web Player to scale up and down in response to large groups of simultaneous business users, while preventing over-provisioning.

A key component of TIBCO’s big data strategy, Spotfire5 is designed to leverage the full family of TIBCO business optimization and big data solutions, including TIBCO LogLogic®, TIBCO Silver Fabric, TIBCO Silver® Mobile, TIBCO BusinessEvents®, tibbr® and TIBCO ActiveSpaces®. Spotfire 5 will be on display this week at TIBCO’s annual TUCON user conference, Sept. 24-27 at the ARIA Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. The product is planned to be generally available in late November 2012. For more information, visit http://spotfire.tibco.com/spotfire-5 or register for the Spotfire 5 webcast at http://spotfire.tibco.com/spotfire-5.


TIBCO Software Inc. (NASDAQ: TIBX) is a provider of infrastructure software for companies to use on-premise or as part of cloud computing environments. Whether it’s efficient claims or trade processing, cross-selling products based on real-time customer behavior, or averting a crisis before it happens, TIBCO provides companies the two-second advantage™ – the ability to capture the right information, at the right time and act on it preemptively for a competitive advantage. More than 4,000 customers worldwide rely on TIBCO to manage information, decisions, processes, and applications in real-time. TIBCO Spotfire® is the company’s in-memory analytics software for next generation business intelligence. By offering a visual, interactive experience, Spotfire® helps professionals quickly discover new and actionable insights in information. Learn more at http://spotfire.tibco.com/.

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