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Tier 1 LATAM operator taps Procera Networks, marks 5th major deployment in recent months

by david.nunes

Procera Networks wins multi-million dollar order from tier 1 South American MSO


Marks a competitive replacement for existing analytics and traffic
management deployment

Fremont, Calif., 27 July 2016 – Procera Networks has secured an initial multi-million dollar analytics and traffic management deployment with a tier one South American cable operator. This latest development marks the third tier one deployment in the region for Procera, and the fifth new tier one operator customer to be secured in recent months across EMEA, the US, and APAC.

The South American cable operator is replacing its existing DPI platform with Procera’s technology to ensure its network can keep pace with the growth in bandwidth usage sparked by subscribers in recent months. Over 60% of traffic on the operator’s network is streaming video, and it expects this figure to rise even further in the coming years.

Delivering a consistent high Quality of Experience has become increasingly difficult for cable operators as subscribers continue to move towards streaming services like Netflix. Procera’s traffic management platform combines fair usage with application-aware queuing technology to ensure all users have access to bandwidth during peak times, and that real-time applications (like streaming video) can be delivered with a high QoE.

The operator began looking for a replacement DPI solution to ensure it was capable of delivering a high quality of experience to its subscribers for video and all other broadband traffic types. It also wanted the necessary insights to ensure it was making the right investment decisions to maximize CAPEX and OPEX spending. After an extensive technical evaluation and field testing of all vendors, Procera was selected as the only player that could deliver the technology necessary for the MSO to grow its customer base, while also using effective capacity management and advanced analytics to identify new opportunities.

“This was a very technical and commercial process, with steep competition. We are excited to be associated with this marquee operator, and to have the opportunity to help them build their next generation analytics data platform,” said Lyn Cantor, President and CEO at Procera Networks.

Cantor added: “Procera’s platform will be a key building block that will underpin a very robust set of use cases in order to help the operator drive QoE improvements and gain new market share. Procera will use its core data intelligence engine and library of over 3900 signatures against the operator’s voice, data, and video traffic to deliver deep insights into subscriber trends and service usage.”

About Procera Networks, Inc.

Since its inception in 2002, Procera Networks has become a leading subscriber and network intelligence provider. The continued development of its award-winning ScoreCard and eVolution technologies, in addition to the benefits its solutions hold for network operators around data insights, traffic management, and policy control, lets Procera meet the ever-changing needs of service providers both today and in the heavily virtualized future.


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