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TIM Brasil delivers great network performance at global football event

by david.nunes


TIM Brasil delivers great network performance at global football event

Nokia Networks provides mass event features to handle mega event, successfully manages 1TB in data traffic and approximately 21,000 hours of voice calls

16 September 2014

São Paulo, Brazil  – TIM Brasil, the Brazilian subsidiary of Telecom Italia Mobile, entrusted Nokia Networks to manage its network during the world’s premier football event organized in the country. With Nokia Networks’ market-leading solutions and Special Event Support, the operator offered unmatched voice and data services to its subscribers, while effectively dealing with the huge amount of data traffic generated at the event.

“A showcase sporting event of this scale witnesses a large congregation of subscribers generating immense amount of network traffic within a limited area and time – which represents a challenge and an opportunity for us,” said Marco Di Costanzo, director of mobile networks at TIM Brasil. “Nokia Networks met the challenges posed by the data deluge, while enabling us to provide a rewarding service experience to subscribers. As our worldwide key LTE supplier, Nokia Networks has extensive knowledge and experience to support us in delivering flawless network performance.”

With 59 network sites installed across 5 stadiums serving over a million visitors, Nokia Networks successfully managed 1 TB in data traffic and approximately 21 thousand hours of voice calls generated by TIM Brasil’s users during the course of the event. More importantly, the company maintained an impressive accessibility performance rate* – a factor that is critical in terms of ensuring better connectivity, fewer call drops and a superior communications experience.

In addition to having the expertise to plan and execute, Nokia Networks also has new mass event features to handle mega events, manage the uplink challenge caused by people uploading materials to social media, and ensure that voice calls can get through. Among these, the company deployed its Mass Event Handler and Voice Call Priorization features for TIM Brasil’s network. With this, the operator had complete network availability at potential hot spots and was able to maintain the highest level of services in spite of the significant increase in voice and data traffic.

“With a team working across Brazil, Portugal and Italy, we were extremely focused and precise in our preparation for TIM Brasil’s network infrastructure for this global event,” said Francesco D’Angelo, head of customer business team at Nokia Networks. “The end result is a strong testimony of our capabilities in providing communications support to large-scale events. It also underscores the fact that our technology is geared up to deal with capacity challenges.”

For more information on Nokia’s mobile broadband capabilities, including a video overview, follow this link. To share your thoughts on the topic, join the discussion with @nokianetworks on Twitter using #mobilebroadband and #LTE. For expert insights, visit our blog.

About Nokia
Nokia invests in technologies important in a world where billions of devices are connected. We are focused on three businesses: network infrastructure software, hardware and services, which we offer through Nokia Networks; location intelligence, which we provide through HERE; and advanced technology development and licensing, which we pursue through Nokia Technologies. Each of these businesses is a leader in its respective field.

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* Accessibility is the ability of the mobile service to be obtained when requested by the user.


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