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Tinubu Square Develops Bespoke Credit Management Programme For Inapa

by david.nunes

Tinubu Square Develops Bespoke Credit Management Programme For Inapa

European paper distributor deploys comprehensive system for managing credit

24 April, 2013 – London, UK – Tinubu Square, the trusted source of credit risk solutions for trade credit insurers, has announced it has worked together with Lisbon-based paper distributor, Inapa, to develop a customised cloud-based solution based on its Tinubu Risk Management Center (RMC SaaS). The system, which was originally deployed at Inapa’s French subsidiary, is now being rolled out amongst additional offices in Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Inapa is the fifth largest paper distributor in Europe and services more than 55,000 customers. Prior to the slowdown of the European economy, Inapa operated without a standardised credit risk management system and relied on the credit insurance policies of its Spanish and Swiss-French subsidiaries. Recognising that the difficult economic conditions now made it vital to focus on the management of its accounts receivable portfolio, Inapa, decided to urgently implement a centralised global credit risk management programme covering all the companies in its group.

Following a recommendation from its French subsidiary, which was already relying on Tinubu Square credit management solutions, and after a market study, Inapa selected Tinubu as its preferred supplier. The two companies then worked together to design the credit risk management programme based on the popular Tinubu Risk Management Center (RMC SaaS), the Tinubu Credit Intelligence Service and Tinubu Risk Analyst service, integrated as part of Inapa’s information systems (ERP) group.

The solution has provided Inapa with accurate, real-time information on the credit risks for each of its clients, helping it to quickly evaluate and identify the level of risk that each of its subsidiaries can carry at one time. It also provides Inapa with a neutral analysis of the financial status of customers, which is helping to facilitate relations. In addition, use of the Tinubu RMC informs decision making, improves internal collaboration, and helps to ease access to finance.

Before deploying the Tinubu solutions, Inapa had struggled to obtain credit insurance in some countries. However, with its new global credit risk programme, insurance companies are now more prepared to cover the risks of the company and as a result each subsidiary now has credit insurance.

About Tinubu Square
With more than a decade of experience, Tinubu Square is the most trusted source of credit intelligence for credit insurers and B2B companies. Tinubu Risk Management Center (RMC) SaaS and associated Tinubu Credit Risk Intelligence services are used by more than 250 B2B companies with more than €35B in receivables to manage credit risk exposure, secure the value of recoverables, reduce DSO, increase working capital, lower the cost of credit insurance administration, and strengthen financial positioning for short-term bank credit. Tinubu Square is headquartered in Paris, France, with offices in London, Brussels, Singapore and Mumbai. www.tinubu.com

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