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TMNG Global and Scientia Advisors Form Strategic Alliance for Emerging Home Health Market

by david.nunes

TMNG Global and Scientia Advisors Form Strategic Alliance For Emerging Home Health Market

Partnership to Advise Health Care, Telecom and Technology Clients on Viable Home Health Solutions

Overland Park, KS and Cambridge, MA – October 5, 2010 – TMNG Global (NASDAQ: TMNG) a leading provider of professional services to the global communications, digital media, technology, and financial services industries, and Scientia Advisors, a global management consulting firm specializing in healthcare, life science, nutrition and biotechnology, today announced a partnership to offer strategic consulting services for the emerging home health* sector.

According to Scientia Advisors, the global home health market will grow to an estimated $250 billion ecosystem of services and products by 2014. Home health products alone represented $30 billion in 2009 and are expected to grow at 8 percent CAGR over the next five years. Several particularly exciting segments, such as mobile health (mHealth) and remote health, are growing faster than larger, more mature segments that account for the balance of the home health category, as revealed in Scientia’s industry review, “Promising Opportunities within the Home Health Management Landscape.”

“While the home health market presents tremendous revenue opportunities ahead, traditional health care, telecom and technology players entering the arena will need to be armed with the right market insights in evaluating home health care offerings,” said Rich Nespola, Chairman and CEO of TMNG Global. “Scientia Advisors’ deep domain expertise in health care and our successful track record with global telecom and technology providers creates an unmatched portfolio of expertise to help IT, telecom and healthcare clients navigate the emerging home health sector.”

Together, the partners form a unique team of home health experts to help IT and telecom companies quantify the market opportunities, analyze the health care-specific challenges, assess the competency fit and develop sound business models and strategic roadmaps to drive long-term market success. Complementing TMNG Global’s expertise in communications and technology, Scientia brings to bear strategic and tactical insight across multiple segments of the home health market space, including home health agencies, remote monitoring and mHealth.

TMNG Global’s strategy division, CSMG, has conducted significant research of the mHealth sector and, earlier this year, published a comprehensive study of the emerging dynamics of the mHealth industry and its implication for new players, entitled mHealth: Taking the Pulse. Leveraging its signature strategy and quantitative methodologies and proprietary knowledge, CSMG provides a broad range of strategic advisory services in support of growth and business transformation to ecosystem and business model evolution to organizational effectiveness improvements and deal development.

“Traditional healthcare providers are under extreme pressure to provide better patient care while reducing associated expenses; decentralization is often viewed as the keystone to this prerogative,” said Harry Glorikian, founder and managing partner of Scientia Advisors. “Determining whether a new technology will meaningfully impact patients, and understanding its potential clinical value, market acceptance and costs will be critical to its success. We look forward to teaming with TMNG Global in helping technology, telecom and healthcare clients navigate the burgeoning remote health and mHealth markets.”

Built on decades of experience in healthcare/life sciences, Scientia Advisors provides insight into the health, wellness and clinical aspects of the home health market ecosystem. The strategy consulting firm employs rich analytic tools and methodologies, proprietary qualitative and quantitative techniques, and a global array of clinical and industry experts to deliver crucial business insights.

About TMNG Global
TMNG Global (NASDAQ: TMNG) is a leading provider of professional services to the communications, digital media, technology and financial services industries. Since 1990, TMNG Global and its subsidiaries, CSMG and Cartesian, have provided strategy, business, operations and technical consulting to more than 1,200 firms worldwide. The company is headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas, with offices in Boston, London, New Jersey, Shanghai and Washington, D.C. For more information about TMNG Global, visit www.tmng.com

About Scientia Advisors
Scientia Advisors, based in Boston and San Francisco, is a global management consulting firm specializing in growth strategies for major and emerging companies in health care, life sciences, biotechnology and nutrition. For more information, visit www.scientiaadv.com

*Included in home health are home health services, durable medical equipment, remote monitoring, mobile health and telehealth, drug delivery and diagnostics devices.

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