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Top Connect’s Global Strategy Gathers Pace With Launch Of TravelSim UK

by david.nunes

Top Connect’s Global Strategy Gathers Pace With Launch Of TravelSim UK

Local number TravelSim services start to roll-out offering free incoming calls and SMS messages from 66 countries; USA and now UK have local services

Strengthening its position as the world’s leading provider of international pre-paid communications with its TravelSim (www.travelsim.com) mobile service, telecoms firm Top Connect (www.topconnect.com) today launches a new service aimed specifically at the UK market.

Called TravelSim UK, the new service is part of Top Connect’s global strategy of providing local number services in all tier one countries. TravelSim USA with +1 numbers is already available.

TravelSim UK will appeal to people coming to the UK on business, holidays, students taking short term language courses, and anyone needing a low-cost, pre-paid SIM card without a mobile contract. TravelSim UK SIM cards are offered through Top Connect’s distributors worldwide.

Thanks to Top Connect’s agreements with GSM operators around the world, devices fitted with a TravelSim UK card will automatically connect to the networks of any of Britain’s mobile operators such as Vodafone and EE. If they travel abroad, the +44 number can still be used in 200 other countries.

The card comes with many appealing features. First, there is no connection fee and each user is given a unique TravelSim number that begins with +44 77XXXXXXX. Incoming calls from 66 countries are also free, as are incoming SMS messages. Outgoing calls and data have the same unbeatable price plans as the regular TravelSim service.

Thanks to Top Connect’s unique agreement with fellow Estonian company Skype, families can call football fans with a TravelSim UK number at the World Cup in Brazil using Skype again for free.

TravelSim is the world’s leading international pre-paid communications service. With 4 million users in five continents, Top Connect expects to see its local number business strategy drive its user base to 5 million by end 2014.

Top Connect is on target to meet this goal and will continue to meet with prospective distributors, essentially mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs), at key B2B and B2C events and exhibitions throughout the year. The next major show that Top Connect will exhibit at is ITW Chicago (11 -14 May).

Money, Money, Money

Earlier this year, Top Connect announced that the TravelSim service had saved its user base a collective $200 million in roaming charges in 2013. The firm expects to increase this increase to $300 million by end 2014 and supplying “local” numbers from power up is seen by Top Connect’s management as a key driver.

The figure compares TravelSim’s service with costs that would have been amassed if its user base had paid standard roaming charges from their local providers when travelling abroad.

Thanks to its agreements with tier one GSM providers around the globe, TravelSim provides a high quality, low cost service that can save customers up to 85% on making calls while abroad. It also offers free incoming calls in 140 countries and free worldwide SMS. The TravelSim product can be used in 190 countries.

About TravelSim

TravelSim is a product of Top Connect focused on both the business and leisure traveller. It is the world leader in international prepaid roaming solutions and is proven to save 85% on international roaming charges as well as offering very competitive data rates. Unlike local mobile operator cards, TravelSim is made for use around the world in over 190 countries. With exceptionally low rates on outgoing calls and free incoming calls in over 140 countries, TravelSim is the answer to the question “how to call cheaply from abroad.” TravelSim currently has over 4 million users worldwide. For more information visit www.travelsim.com

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