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Toshiba Launches H-Bridge Driver ICs for Low-Voltage 2.5V Drive

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Three new devices provide an efficient solution for multiple applications.


Düsseldorf, Germany, 29 August, 2017 Toshiba Electronics Europe (TEE) today announced the launch of three new additions to its line-up of H-bridge driver ICs for DC brushed motors and stepping motors used in mobile battery-drive equipment, home appliances, housing and facility equipment.


TC78H630FNG has a single H-bridge with a 2.1A rating and a low on-resistance of 0.4Ω (upper + lower, typ.) in the output stage allowing the IC to deliver a large current drive for DC brushed motors. The TC78H630FNG supports short brake mode.


TC78H621FNG and TC78H611FNG have two H-bridges with 1.1A ratings, and are suitable for driving bipolar stepping motors with full-step controllability on 3 ports or half-step on 4 ports. The devices have a low on-resistance of 0.8Ω (upper + lower, typ.) in the output stage. The TC78H621FNG can also drive a single DC brushed motor, while the TC78H611FNG can drive two and supports short brake mode.


These new products are suitable for a wide range of applications including mobile devices (point-of-sale devices) with a 3.7V lithium-ion battery, home appliances with a 5V or 12V power supply (refrigerators, air outlet ports in air-conditioner and ventilation), and residential and facility equipment (smart meters, water supply valves and electronic locks). The maximum output voltage is 18V.


All of the new devices are housed in a TSSOP16 package and include multiple safety features, such as overcurrent detection, thermal shutdown, under voltage lockout and shoot-through current protection.


They require a logic power supply in the range 2.7 to 5.5V and can accept motor drive voltages in the range 2.5 to 15V. In standby mode the current consumption is approximately 1μA (max.)


Functional samples are available and mass production has commenced.

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