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Toshiba launches a power management IC for car audio solution

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Düsseldorf, Germany, 08 June, 2017 Toshiba Electronics Europe (TEE) today announced the launch of a new system regulator IC that is designed to handle the increasing sophistication of car audio systems. The TCB010FNG is a fully-featured solution, incorporating the required power supply and all essential detection functions.


TCB010FNG incorporates a multi-rail microcontroller power supply that retains power during minor interruptions in the battery supply. The device also includes multiple variable power supplies for flexibility, as well as a fixed power supply.


Along with a 2ch high-side switch, the IC also incorporates a number of detection functions, including ACC voltage detection, accessory power voltage detection and microcontroller output voltage detection, all with variable thresholds.

As the IC is configured with series regulators, users can design a system without EMI concerns.


The TCB010FNG is housed in a P-HSSOP36-1116-0.65 package. Sample shipments are available now with mass production scheduled for June of this year.


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