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TOSHIBA TEC wins massive replacement order for Repsol POS systems in Spain and Portugal

by david.nunes

London, 7th September 2010 – Repsol, the global energy company, awarded their service station POS system renewal program in Spain and Portugal to TOSHIBA TEC.

Repsol operates through a network of over 9,000 service stations in Spain and Portugal with a total of 11,500 POS terminals.

The four-year replacement program includes a complex roll-out logistics operation, staging and implementing localized hardware and software configurations as well as third-party maintenance.

The principal reason why Repsol opted for the TOSHIBA POS system is its ruggedness, flexible connectivity, low energy consumption and a built-in RAID HDD option. The WILLPOS A20’s innovative ultra-low-energy processor for instance provides over a massive 50% daily power saving (compared with previous models), dramatically reducing its running costs as well as CO2 emissions. It is the eco-friendly choice for the business.

TOSHIBA WILLPOS A20is designed with a range of new and improved features that squarely address key issues, such as versatility, robustness, high volume processing, environmental responsibility and elegance.

Repsol prides itself in offering its customers top of the range services with high added value; the WILLPOS A20 built-in stereo speakers and an optional 12- or 15-inch customer facing touch-screen enables Repsol’s service stations to deliver interactive multimedia presentations/promotions at the point of sale.

Green Machine built to last

Toshiba screens are quality tested for accuracy and reliability to the extreme, with 35 million touches in one location and spill proof protection. In fact TOSHIBA TEC runs over 46 elaborate tests to prove that the WILLPOS A20 is perfectly designed for any POS application, with the screen in constant use and images permanently displayed.

The uniquely sealed design of the WILLPOS A20 underlines its ruggedness to resist spills and dust, along with support for solid state drives and memory that resist extreme shocks and temperature variations.

Toshiba systems are designed and manufactured in line with strict environmental policies, ensuring they are built and supported for a long life cycle which benefits both the environment and our customers. Made from environmentally friendly materials such as chromium-free metal and halogen-free plastics, it is fully recyclable. The WILLPOS A20 Touch POS is fully RoHS and WEEE compliant.

Optimal reliability

Selecting the RAID option provides invaluable peace of mind. Twin hard drives divide and replicate business-critical information. The WILLPOS A20 also supports solid state drives and memory. Without the moving parts of their predecessors, they can resist extreme shocks and temperature variations to give unsurpassed reliability, considerable power savings and very easy maintenance.


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