TRaC Global expands its DSLAM infrastructure

22 February 2011 – Leading testing and compliance consultancy TRaC Global today announced the expansion of its DSL interoperability testing capabilities with the addition of a new suite of DSLAMs.

The new DSLAMs, which allow for interoperability testing against the Deutsche Telekom 1TR112 standard and other networks with Annex B (xDSL over ISDN) requirements, complement TRaC’s current networking infrastructure and give the DSL facility more coverage with regards to interfaces types and operator-specific requirements. The new DSLAMs are:

· ECI SAM 480

· Siemens X21

· Siemens 5650

· Alcatel 7300HD

· Alcatel 7300UD

· Marconi ONU150

This expansion means that TRaC can now offer the most comprehensive service to Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) and chipset manufacturers who wish to test their products to the operator requirements worldwide.

Paul Russell, Director of TRaC, said: “Our testing programs are held in high regard in the industry. The DSLAM additions mean that we can now expand our portfolio to include interoperability testing against the Deutsche Telekom specification 1TR112, commonly referred to as U-R2 testing.

“Plus, we are now able to add Germany to our list of operator networks that CPE manufacturers can test their products against before they are deployed.”

The news comes a year after TRaC opened its expanded flagship DSL test facility at its UK headquarters following relocation from its Santa Clara operation. The DSL laboratory is now the most advanced and comprehensive independent DSL testing capability anywhere in the world and is central for all of TRaC’s testing.

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