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Trango Introduces The Lynx Series With Full Gigabit Capacity

by david.nunes

Trango Introduces The Lynx Series With Full Gigabit Capacity

SAN DIEGO, Calif., October 29, 2013:

Trango Systems, Inc., a provider of high-capacity point-to-point microwave backhaul solutions is introducing the new Lynx™ series of products, capable of true 1 Gbps system throughput and up to 1.5 Gbps. Trango has announced today that the company is in full production and shipping the new Lynx series of wireless backhaul systems.

The Lynx series point-to-point microwave radios are available for all worldwide standard licensed frequency bands from 6 to 42 GHz. Lynx series base line models include 440 Mbps available throughput, Physical Link Aggregation (PLA) which enables 2+0 operation at the physical link level, and a programmable packet buffer up to 2MB to absorb “bursty” traffic and improve TCP performance. Optional Lynx capabilities include throughput speeds of 761 Mbps full duplex and 256-bit AES hardware encryption.

The Lynx series is available in two form factors. The Apex Lynx is and all-outdoor system and the Giga Lynx is a split-mount system. Both systems offer fiber and copper Gigabit Ethernet interfaces with in-band and out-of-band management. Lynx products offer other outstanding features including modulation levels up to 1024QAM, Advanced Adaptive Coding and Modulation (AACM), comprehensive management and monitoring capabilities, and industry leading system gain.

About Trango Systems

Headquartered in the City of Poway, San Diego County, CA, Trango Systems, Inc. designs and manufactures high-capacity, high performance, end-to-end, connectivity solutions for the extension of fiber, copper, wireless, private and public networks. Trango equipment is used in thousands of applications worldwide serving cellular/mobile backhaul networks, high-speed broadband wireless internet access, carrier Ethernet IP networks, enterprise/business/campus LAN expansion, security and video surveillance systems, wireless wide area networks (WWAN) and municipal wireless and government applications.

For more information on Trango Systems and our solutions, please contact our sales department at 858-391-0010 or by email at sales@trangosys.com or visit our website at www.trangosys.com.

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