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TRAQUER, SIGFOX team up on new generation mobile-tracking beacon

by david.nunes

TRAQUEUR, the French On-Board Telematics specialist, announces TRAQUEUR NANO, the first mobile beacon dedicated to the Internet of Things (IoT)

For the first public presentation of NANO, TRAQUEUR will be at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, alongside its partner, SIGFOX

Saint Cloud, France – March 3, 2015TRAQUEUR, a leading French player in the field of Advanced Telematics, introduces NANO, the first Autonomous Mobile Beacon for the protection of property and objects (not electronically connected – Track and Trace), designed to optimize the potential of the SIGFOX network.

After several years of development, NANO is a key technological breakthrough and opens up the perspective of new Track and Trace markets.

Named NANO owing to its compactness, which has decisive advantages for installation and concealment, NANO uses multiple location technologies (radio and GPS) to ensure foolproof tracking, indoor as well as outdoor. With this combination of location techniques and a battery life of several years, NANO has new and unique features on the market for securing and tracking property and objects. In June 2014, TRAQUEUR formed a strategic technical partnership with SIGFOX, the sole operator of a dedicated, global cellular network for the Internet of Things and Machine-to-Machine communications.

TRAQUEUR, a forerunner in After-Theft Asset  Recovery solutions and the only operator in France to master UHF, VHF, GSM and GPS technologies to offer customers unmatched solutions for vehicle and equipment security, has formed a strategic partnership with SIGFOX to develop a new generation of mobile tracking beacons called NANO.

NANO displays functionalities of UHF direction finding, providing the ability to locate buried and hidden objects (indoor underground geo-location). It also has a high-sensitivity GPS module and an integrated antenna to transmit its position via the SIGFOX network when the beacon moves (outdoor geo-location).

NANO is extremely small (smaller than a pack of cigarettes) and has a battery life of three to five years (internal battery without any external connection), depending on how it is configured and used.

NANO has also been designed to be extremely easy to install.

In addition to its electronic autonomy, the high-sensitivity radio and GPS antennas integrated into the beacon itself give outstanding performances whatever the installation location.

Responding to growing global demand for monitoring and securing sensitive goods and merchandise (any size and not electronically powered), NANO’s roaming features open up prospects for international marketing.

The development of NANO, by TRAQUEUR, has received support from BPI Ile-de-France (Paris region).


“Certified SIGFOX Ready™ and provided with mixed UHF/GPS technology, the NANO beacon means that we can offer the widest range of technology solutions of the Track & Trace type on the market and can address new segments including merchandise and logistics, for example. We are also accelerating our international development through distribution partnerships in every country with a SIGFOX network infrastructure”, says Marc Verdet, CEO of TRAQUEUR, who adds: “NANO and our partnership with SIGFOX allow us to again get one jump ahead in terms of innovation in the Track & Trace market”.

Stuart Lodge, Executive Vice President Global Sales at SIGFOX, points out: “The development of this new beacon by TRAQUEUR, based on our network, is extremely innovative and shows the limitless scope for innovation that SIGFOX technology allows. This technology gives by far the longest battery life on the market, a decisive advantage for applications such as the location of property. The solution developed by TRAQUEUR, because it is very demanding, confirms the legitimacy of our technology wherever the SIGFOX network is deployed.”

Discover TRAQUEUR in forthcoming trade shows in France:

·         Flotte Auto meeting, March 19, 2015 – Palais Brongniart – Paris Stand B07

·         DLR Congress, March 26 & 27, 2015 – CNIT Paris – Stand 44

·         MtoM & Connected Objects show on April 1 & 2 – CNIT Paris – Stand E7 Conference: Innovation in value-added services around the IoT.  TRAQUEUR NANO presentation workshop.

·         Intermat from April 20 to 25, 2015 – Paris -Nord Villepinte – Booth 6B022


SIGFOX is the only provider of dedicated cellular connectivity for Internet of Things and Machine-to-Machine communications. The company’s network complements existing high-bandwidth systems by providing economical, energy-efficient two-way transmission of small quantities of data, thus lowering barriers to wide implementation of IoT and M2M solutions, and greatly extending the battery and service life of connected devices. SIGFOX’s global network is deployed through the SIGFOX Network Operator™ partnership program, with more than 2 million square kilometers already covered. The company is headquartered in Labège, France, and has offices in Mountain View, Calif., and Madrid, Spain.

For more information, see www.SIGFOX.com and follow us on Twitter @SIGFOX.


With its Fleet Technology subsidiary (tracking and telematics), TRAQUEUR is the only French operator to offer a set of solutions combining radio VHF (exclusive), satellite GPS and GSM technologies. The Group’s expertise manifests itself in several major fields of application:

– security and protection of property:

§  TRAQUEUR’s after-theft solutions protect vehicles and property belonging to private individuals (cars, two-wheelers, leisure vehicles, boats, jet-skis, etc.) and businesses (trucks, light commercial vehicles, construction machinery and vehicles, goods, etc.);

§  prevention of road risks: driving aid assistant;

– tracking and management of vehicle fleets: the Group’s solutions help to optimise business fleets (real-time visualisation and monitoring of vehicles, type of journeys, print-out of distance travelled, activity reports, customer management, etc.);

– green solutions and telematics: the Group provides an extensive offer showing fuel consumption, carbon emissions, driver behaviour profile, and other specific data making it possible to significantly reduce road risks and costs.

The TRAQUEUR Group benefits from its own technical infrastructure built up since 2002, and two ARCEP Hertzian licenses; it has an integrated Research and Development department. It is a referenced partner with about thirty car/motorcycle manufacturers and almost ten construction vehicle manufacturers, and has set up partnerships with numerous insurance companies, brokers and assistance companies.

TRAQUEUR has received the Oséo “Innovating Enterprise” label; the Group is a member of several clusters: Tenerrdis (Rhône-Alpes, Drôme, Isère, Savoie New Energies and Technologies, Renewable Energies), System@tic (Paris Region Systems & ICT Cluster) and LUTB (Urban public transport of people and goods).

The TRAQUEUR Group has been listed on the Euronext Paris Alternext since 12 April 2007 by direct listing (ISIN code: FR0004043487, Mnemo code: ALTRA). Tracker is eligible for SME investment trusts.

TRAQUEUR is a founder member of Etna (European Tracking Network Association).

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